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5 Features that Should Be in All New Vehicles

New automotive technology is changing literally while you're reading this and no one will doubt the fact that our cars are much safer today than just 5-10 years ago. At Clancy's Auto Body , we love the fact that our cars are getting safer and more user-friendly by incorporating new high-tech features into vehicles. So, here is our list of five safety-related features that we believe should be in every new car made.

Auto Body Review Five safety-related high-tech features that we think should be in every new car1. Stability Control

Also known as VDC, DSC, ESP, MSPCA, stability control systems have helped countless people to avoid accidents and serious injury. With sensors that are used to detect the early indications of a quick stop or impending collision, stability controls will limit acceleration and apply the brakes as needed to take back control of the vehicle.

2. Safe-Distance Technologies

Safe-distance technologies all have the same goal--to keep you from running into something in front of you and warning you when you're too close to the car in front of you. Some manufacturers use this technology as part of what is called adaptive cruise control, while  others alert drivers with an audible warning that warns you to back off and slow down.  In fact, many late-model vehicles will even take over your braking completely. This cutting-edge lifesaving technology uses sonar to measure the distance between your car and the objects  ahead of you.

3. Blind Spot Monitoring

In the past, drivers had to turn their heads around to check their blind spots, which is actually unsafe for obvious reasons. Just like with safe-distance technologies, blind spot monitoring utilizes sonar to monitor the blind spots on both sides of your car. It identifies motion, but not immobile objects, so that false alarms won't startle you unnecessarily.

4. Audible Oil Pressure and Engine Temperature Alert

Back in the old days, you had to actually keep re-checking your warning lights to make sure that your oil pressure was in the correct range and that your engine wasn't overheating.  But now newer cars will audibly inform you of this potentially concerning situation each and every time.  If you lose focus for a moment while driving or are distracted for whatever reason, this feature can save your life.

5. Bird's-Eye View Camera

We see more and more of these systems in cars all over  FL  as well. Bird's-eye view cameras are ideal for when you're parking. They work simply and take a lot of guesswork out of parking and maybe more importantly, backing up. The dashboard screen that is attached to these cameras turn on when you shift your car into reverse and stay on in first gear, until you reach roughly 5 mph. Four small cameras are built into the front, back and rear sides of the car and a computer combines the views together, so what you're seeing is truly a bird's-eye view.

We strive to bring you relative content from Clancy's Auto Body in Oakland Park , FL .

Sources: Car and Driver, NHTSA and AOL

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