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Your Car is Being Recalled? Don't Worry, But Be Ready

Vehicle recalls can be frightening. Getting a notice in the mail informing you that your car or truck has been recalled for whatever reason is a potentially drama-filled experience, especially if you count on it to get you from work, etc. Recalls are never fun, but if you get one , what should you do? Here are some directives that all of us at OKC Auto Works of Oklahoma City  want to share with you. Because wherever you live, whether it's here in OK or anywhere else in the U.S. recalls are unfortunately an uncomfortable part of life.

So, what should you do if you get a recall notice or see a news story that mentions your automobile as part of a possible recall? First take a deep breath and stay calm. A recall is never the end of the world and in the end, they are a good thing. A recall means that your vehicle has issues and they are likely safety-related. Chill for a moment and learn the facts before you act.

By following these four simple steps, your recall will be as stress-free as it can possibly be:

1. Verify and Quantify Auto Body Review Car Recalls, don't Worry be Ready

Even if you've been informed about a recall, you should still find out as much as you can before acting. Contact your dealership and talk to their service department first. They will know the ramifications and parameters of the recall and provide you with all of the pertinent information you require. If you purchased your car on the used market, then you should contact the dealership  nearest you that sells that same brand and model. Explain your situation, provide them with your VIN number and verify the recall.

2. Do a Severity Check

Not every vehicle recall is based on safety issues, so maybe you don't need to rush. In many cases, the recall can relate to one or more components within your vehicle that may have worn out prematurely, but could still have miles left on them. Determine the severity of the recall and make your own call, because you may be able to drive your car until the recall is scheduled.

3. Request a Timeline

Every once in a while, recalls are massive and can include a wide range of models. In these cases, carmakers may run into issues as they try to manufacture new parts in time. Find out from your dealership's service department if you can schedule the repairs ahead of time. This way, when the parts are ready, you and your car will be set up to make the process easier.

Auto Body Review Car Recalls, don't Worry be Ready4. Determine the Costs, If Any

If your vehicle is less than a decade old,  your recall repair will be performed at no charge to you, so if anyone wants to charge you, beware. If it’s older than 10 years, it's going to come out of your pocket unfortunately, but if the recall relates to something that was malfunctioning previously, you may still be covered.

We strive to bring you relative content from OKC Auto Works in Oklahoma City , OK .

Sources: Wikipedia, CNN and Consumer Reports

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