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Top Five Roadside Attractions in the Northwest

If you're traveling the NorthWest, then you should take a look at these roadside attractions!

Traveling through the northwest part of the United States? Whether it’s a long or short journey, you never know what interesting things you’ll see when you stop to stretch your legs. There is a haunted hotel in Washington, a 23-foot-tall fiberglass statue of Harvey the Rabbit in Oregon, and a Spud Drive-In giant potato in Idaho. These are just some of the popular roadside attractions in this area of the country, brought to you by El Dorado Collision Center, a shop that believes is getting away from Poway, CA once in a while to have a little fun out on the road.  

Our Five Favorites:

1.) Penny Wall

The Penny Wall

A penny for your thoughts? If you’re near Mountain Home, Idaho, it’s worth going to the Mural of Thousands of Pennies. Local artist Randy Miller used 14 gallons of pennies to create a 9 x 33 square-foot-design on the alley wall of Kurley’s Sports Bar and Grill. Don’t forget to make a wish or add a penny!

2.) Prehistoric Gardens

Step back in time and experience the Prehistoric Gardens in Port Orford, Oregon. A former CPA established the park on the Oregon coast in 1955. Discover 23 life-size dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that took 30 years to construct. The massive 86-foot-long and 46-foot-tall sculpture of a brachiosaurus took four years to complete.

3.) Oregon Vortex

Famous for “height change” and other unique phenomena, the Oregon Vortex is reportedly a spherical field of force, half above ground and half below. Located in Gold Hill, Oregon, it was developed in the 1920s by John Litster, a geologist, mining engineer and physicist. He opened it to the public in 1930. Local legend says that Native Americans referred to the area as “forbidden ground.”

The Mystery Spot in Oregon

4.) Dick and Jane’s Spot

In Ellensburg, Washington, you can see a tin man, totems and a variety of sculptures at Dick and Jane’s Spot. After purchasing a house in 1978, artists Dick Elliott and Jane Orleman began displaying artwork they either created or collected over the years. According to the website, Dick & Jane’s Spot is dedicated to the philosophy that “one hearty laugh is worth 10 trips to the doctor.”

5.) Lightning Cage

The Lightning Cage The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention

The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, Washington, is a place to get charged up about science. Some of the rare artifacts include Leyden jars and Edison light bulbs. The Lightning Cage is one of the highlights. Those who are at least 18 can sit in a screened metal ball while a Tesla Coil shoots off lightning bolts. It will definitely spark your interest!

So, for the next time when you're in the amazing Northwest, check out one of these roadside attractions and see this incredible part of the USA!

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