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Interesting Facts about Buick

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At El Dorado Collision Center, we have worked on quite a few Buicks over the years, and we know a lot about the Buick Company’s history. For instance, many people may know how David Buick was a Scottish-born American Detroit-based inventor, best known for founding the Buick Motor Company. But what most may not know is that, although he didn’t run his company for very long (1902-1906), he did create one of the most successful nameplates in the history of U.S. automotive manufacturing. 

Since its inception, the Buick Motor Company has produced more than 35 million vehicles and today's models are landing top awards and garnering 5-star reviews worldwide. Today, Buick continues to be the oldest existing and active car brand of the true American make, and one of the oldest in the world. And it shows, too! There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t see someone driving around Poway in a Buick vehicle.

Since the Buick is one of the grandfathers of the automotive industry, we at El Dorado Collision Center wanted to take some time to share with you some interesting facts about the company, and its founder, David Buick.

  • David BuickThe company was established 1899 as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company and in 1903 as Buick. It is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Buick cars are sold in the United States, China, Canada, Israel and Mexico. The domestic sales of the brand within the United States skyrocketed in 1984, and by that time Buick had an expansive model line.
  • During the 1890s, Buick developed an interest in internal combustion engines and began experimenting with them. He was spending little time on the plumbing business, and his business partner became impatient with him. The partnership was dissolved and the company was sold.
  • Buick’s first vehicle, the 1904 Model B, was also the shortest, riding on an 83-inch wheelbase.
  • Buick produced 37 cars during its first year of production in 1904. Nearly 16 million Buicks were completed between 1907 and 1999. In 1908, Buick claimed U.S. car leadership with production of 8,820 vehicles.
  • Buick introduced the six-cylinder engine and electric starter in 1914.
  • After just over three decades of engineering progress, the first production Buick topped 100 mph. It was the appropriately named 1936 Buick Century.
  • David Buck died March 5, 1929 at 74 years old.
  • Buick's U.S. production hit a then-record of more than 320,000 units with nearly 8,000 being exported from the U.S. in 1941.GNX model
  • Buick became the first major corporate sponsor in golf with the Buick Open at Warwick Hills near Flint in 1958. By the 1990s, Buick was sponsoring four PGA Tour events.
  • In 1965, Buick joined the muscle car-era with the first of 145,000 Gran Sport and GSX models.
  • Buick’s quickest car was also one of the brands rarest. Car and Driver magazine recorded 0-60 mph acceleration for the 1987 Buick GNX at just 4.6 seconds. Just 547 were built.
  • The '70s and '80s were arguably Buick’s heyday. In 1985, production of the Century and Electra spurred Buick’s North American production to top 1 million.
  • In 1988, the Academy Award-winning film “Rain Man” prominently featured a 1949 Roadmaster convertible.
  • Buick changed its slogan from “The Great American Road Belongs to Buick” to “Buick: The New Symbol for Quality in America” in 1989.
  • In December 2009, the first Chinese Buick rolled off a production line in Shanghai.
  • Buick opened its “Gallery and Research Center” at Flint’s Sloan Museum in 1998.

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