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Candy Paints Find their Sweet Spot

a purple, candy painted vehicleFor decades, custom painters have been implementing “the candy paint” process to give their vehicles that show-stopping appearance. Traditionally, when compared to factory finishes, candy colors have always been considered distinctive and that's why they are so desired. More popular now than ever, candy paints are well-known for creating a brighter and deeper appearance as opposed to other conventional car colors.

By using candy colors, painters can put the "wow" factor into any paint job. At Cascades Auto Body, we love seeing candy colors, as they pop off of a classic car, many of which are shown in car shows here in Sterling and all over our state of VA.

Candy Paint It is an automotive finish that consists of a base coat (normally metallic, with small to large metallic flakes), followed by the 'candy', which is then followed by a clear coat.

The candy is a translucent color coat, which is either a specialty candy paint or a clear-coat paint tinted with dye. The final color and overall depth of the finished job is dependent on the color and hue of the basecoat, the quantity of tint in the candy coat and how many candy coats are applied.

So many colors to choose from for your candy paint!


Candy paint requires a lot of sanding and that type of work is always very time-consuming. It also requires a highly-skilled and experienced painter to achieve a consistent color, as any deviation in the thickness of the candy paint will show up as streaks or patches in the final product. For these reasons, candy paint is often very expensive, but like with anything else, you get what you pay for.

Because candy paint jobs are so coveted, many folks are willing to pay large amounts for candy paint and all of the added labor and skills required to do the job properly. To meet the need for candy paint, many car manufacturers are now making vehicles with a "candy-like" look, but they're not the real thing and true car lovers know the difference. 

Candy paints are not easy to apply correctly, because they require a three-stage process in which a metallic base layer is applied, followed by a transparent “candy color” layer and then finished with a clear protective layer. Unless you're a serious painter, doing candy paints right will be a tough job, so sorry do-it-yourselfers, you will likely need a professional painter to get a candy paint job on your beloved car!

Popular movies and TV shows feature cars with candy paint jobs with that translucent, wet-look that pops off both large and small screens. One good example for this is the Fast and Furious series of films, where more than a few cars in each movie feature amazing cars with incredible candy paint finishes.

If you're thinking of getting a candy paint job on your car, consider all of these factors and then make an educated decision. Candy paint if done properly can be spectacular, but don't try to do it yourself and get ready to pay a little extra to get it done right!

Sources: Urban Dictionary, Autobody News and Washington Post 

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