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Three Ways to Protect Your Car From the Sun

Here at Blue Collision, we often see cars that have been seriously damaged by the rays of the sun, because yes—here in Surprise, AZ, it can get hot, especially during the summer. Car paint is like human skin in many ways, which means it is not immune to the havoc that can be created by the sun’s UV rays. But don't be scared, because you can protect your vehicle’s paint from untimely fading or oxidation cause from the sun’s unsympathetic elements. That's why we're delighted to share some useful information with you about how to provide proper protection in each and every situation for your car. Here are three very important things you can do to prevent your car from being damaged by the sun:

1. Wash your car frequently

How to Keep Your Paint at Its Best

People normally bathe every day (or should), but your car doesn't need it that often. Instead, you should at least wash it every two weeks to cleanse your car and keep your paint in good shape. Of course, that depends on how much you drive. If your car sits in the garage 3-4 days every week, for instance, you can get by washing it every month to even six weeks. Find a good car cleaning product that you trust and buy a soft mitt made of cotton and then the rest is up to you. Be careful not to scratch your vehicle while you're washing it, even if you have the impulse to scrub in order to remove things such as road tar, splattered insects or bird droppings that are baked on your car. Many people use clay bars to remove damaging deposits without causing any drama to the finish.

2. Dry your vehicle carefully

It amazes me whenever I see people spending a significant amount of time washing their vehicles and then letting them sit to air dry. Dry your car carefully with a chamois cloth or a cotton rag in order to protect your car paint from potential damage caused by a wide range of mineral residues that normally form when the water on your vehicle evaporates.

3. Polish and wax

Polish your car

The optimum way to keep your car looking brand new 24/7 is by waxing it regularly. You get a two-fold bonus when you polish and wax, because it will protect your car's paint from pollutants, but it can also alleviate the damage possibly caused by ultraviolet radiation emanating from the sun. In addition, waxing will protect your car’s paint from pit damage, because the sheen caused by the wax keeps grit and dirt from adhering to the vehicle. Failure to wax your car can cause irreparable harm to its paint job, so always wax and enjoy your beautiful car year-round!

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