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5 Taxi Safety Tips

Now that Uber and Lyft are in almost every major city, the practice of hailing a cab is almost archaic. With smart phone apps that can now get you a cab quickly and easily, many people are no longer using "conventional" taxi cab services. But, for those who still need an old-school cab (like a Yellow Cab) to get where you need to go in AZ, you want to make sure your drive safely.

At Blue Collision, we often share safety tips with our readers, because we know that accidents in AZ will happen, but if we can minimize the dangers for either drivers or passengers in any vehicle, we're always willing to help.

So, let's hop into these 5 Taxi Safety Tips for the next time you need a cab:

Taxi drivers1.) Make Sure the Cab Company is the Real Thing

In many cities, there are a large number of "rogue" cabs that are not registered and therefore may or may not be insured. If you get injured in one of these "under the radar" taxis, you could end up having to pay for your own injuries. So, before you get into any cab, check out the driver and the car's interior first. Does the car have a meter, a taxi license that is clearly displayed, and a name that is recognizable? If the name on the side of the car says something like "Larry's Taxi", beware.

2.) Take a Back Seat

I’ve heard some people say that they feel awkward sitting in the back of a taxi by themselves, but don't over think it. Your cab driver is working, not just cruising around. The quicker you get out of his car, he can start looking for another fare. Sure, most cab drivers are willing to make small talk with you in the hopes of getting a nice tip, but they're really not looking to make new friends in the end. 

3.) Write it Down

The first thing you should do after getting into a taxi is write down the name of the taxi company, the driver’s name, and the driver’s ID number. In most cabs, you’ll find it all displayed in the back seat. It might be easiest to just snap a quick picture on your phone. If anything should go wrong on your journey, you’ll have the information you need later.Driving Safety with Taxi Driving

4.) Go With Your Instincts

If something seems quirky with the driver or if anything looks peculiar with the vehicle, rely on your instincts and go with your gut. Politely decline and wait for another cab.

5.) Don’t Be Too Chummy

It’s okay to talk to your taxi driver, but getting too friendly with him or her isn't a wise move. For one, you might distract the driver and cause an accident that way.

It does not matter where you live--from Surprise, AZ where we're located here at Blue Collision and anywhere in between. There are taxis in every corner of this country and being safe while driving in one is always important, so follow these tips and always be safe in a cab. 

Sources: NHTSA, Forbes and MSN 

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