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1 out of 5
*I would not select a star if that was a possibility.* My vehicle is currently at a certified jeep repair center for a complete rework of this body shop's workmanship. I learned my lesson before things REALLY got out of hand (hopefully with no latent surprises?) My vehicle was at this shop for two weeks. The damage was mostly the front passenger door and barrier. I was told on three different occasions that my vehicle was "ready-to-go." The first time I was notified, it was obvious that the work was rushed and it was not QC inspected. The body work quality was inferior. The new door sat out of the frame about a quarter inch, all the way around! The paint/blending was unsightly and had serious orange peel. All topped with a mis-matched door handle. Not to mention, the damaged side mirror was not replaced and put back on the door. I refused the repair. Assured that things would be corrected, I proceeded to entertain them for round 2 of 3. Three business days later, I was asked to come check out the body work and paint again. They said the mirror and door handle weren't available immediately and it would be a couple days for delivery. Round 2 turned out to be another disaster. My husband accompanied me for this inspection. Suddenly the tone changed. The shop representative wanted to get the paperwork so he could be certain about what was completed. You aren't sure? Reassuring, right? During a discussion about the paint/blending work from round ****, the representative mentioned that he agreed the first paint job was bad. He joked saying that he initially thought that it was the situation of "a woman being particular about her car" until he actually got to look at it for himself. I know! Wow! Completely unprofessional... to say the least. Women who are apparently "particular" about their cars should probably NOT expect to be taken seriously. If all of that wasn't enough, he proceeded to admit that the work was rushed and that he had not completed a final QC inspection of the vehicle before contacting me the first time. He thought that someone else already looked over it. After a line of questioning, he revealed that he had only been doing this for about a year. All of this really gives the impression that quality and thoroughness is at the top of the list. Ultimately, the door shell was still not right. The barrier needed more work. The paint needed more work. Get the idea? I rejected the repair for the second time. Right now, this is all hind sight. I should have tallied the red flags and realized was happening. In the midst of it all, I demanded that they make this right and to quite wasting my time. I insisted that I was not interested in good enough. The shop representative shook my hand and looked me in the eye as he said that he would "go over it with a fine-tooth comb" before he contacted me again. I was in for a treat. Two days later, which was Friday, I got a call at 4:15 pm that my car was ready. The shop closes ~5:30. I went the following Monday after work. I state clearly again...I AM CURRENTLY GETTING A COMPLETE REWORK AT A DIFFERENT BODY SHOP. Round 3 was the most surprising. I was outside with the shop representative and the owner. I didn't even get the decency of the owner to introduce himself to me since this was our first interaction. I find that odd, especially given all the trouble I experienced with the repairs. Instead, when I pointed out how bad things still were and that I wasn't going to accept the vehicle, the owner said that "this is as good as I can get it." The owner was rude to me, raised his voice and made me feel uncomfortable. The only option I was given was the key to my car. I definitely hoped for the best. I gave the shop 3 opportunities to get it right. The shop damaged the interior of my car because it was completely covered with body repair dust. I would NOT recommend this body shop. I am getting a COMPLETE REWORK of this body shop's workmanship. I cannot believe how BAD my experience was dealing with this local body shop. Don't gamble!


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