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Our Top 5 Automotive World Records

Auto Body Review top 5 automotive world recordsEveryone in Campbell, CA loves to read fun stories about the man with the longest mustache or some kid who rode on a roller coaster for six days, because they titillate our imaginations and make us smile.

Here is our list at A Superior Collision Shop of our top 5 car-related world records, all of which hold prestigious spots in the famous Guinness Book of World Records.

1.) Fastest Land Speed

Andy Green is the current world record holder for the fastest land speed of an automobile, hitting 763.035 mph a decade ago in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. When he set the record, it was also the first person to break the sound barrier. He did it in the Thrust SSC, a car that looks more like a jet rocket than an automotive.

2.) Most Cars Pulled by a Human Being

Kevin Fast amazingly pulled 15 new Mazda3’s simultaneously in 2014 in Cobough, Canada--a Herculean feat that has never been surpassed although many have tried. Fast has broken other world records by successfully pulling the heaviest plane ever, dragging a fire engine 100 feet and setting the record for pulling an entire house almost 40 feet!

3.) Longest Distance Driven in a Car on Two Wheels

It's called "skiing"--a stunt where a vehicle is driven while balanced only on two wheels on either side of the car. In 2009, Michele Pilia drove a vehicle on two wheels for 230.57 miles. On the Guinness World Records' website there is a highly entertaining video of  Pilia's story and his amazing achievements.

4.) Car Race with the Most Participants

Our number four pick is one of our favorites, because this record-setting race was held for a good cause. On September 13, 2014  John Lamm organized a race to set a new record while raising money for charity. The event featured 216 cars to break the new record, lasted 14.5 hours and raised $5,000 for the cause.

5.) The World's Hairiest Car

That's right-- a car that needs a serious haircut but is happy to have some long curls! A Fiat 500 was completely covered in human hair when its creator Maria Lucia Mungo imported it from India. She spent more than 150 hours adorning her vehicle with hair, weaving braids down the front and accenting the exterior with what some have described as a mullet. The interior is also covered with hair from floor to ceiling, complete with a hairy steering wheel. One last question, when the car starts aging, will the hair turn gray?

We strive to bring you relative content from  A Superior Collision Shop , in  Campbell , CA .

Sources: Guinness Book of World Records, Wikipedia and USA Today

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