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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Unless you’re living in a hot weather state, driving in the winter is always a major concern, so here are 15 important tips on how to be safe during the upcoming winter season.

  1. Slow down; drivers need to adjust their driving in the winter. Drivers frequently underestimate how long it takes to brake and steer on slippery roads.
  2. Do not use cruise control when driving on any slippery surface like ice and snow.
  3. Always look and steer where you want to go.
  4. If you think you may be heading into snow or there is a possibility of driving in the snow, make sure you do a maintenance check on your vehicle before making the trip.
  5. Plan your route ahead of time and give yourself extra travel time. Make sure someone knows your travel plans.
  6. Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement while at the wheel. Keep warm clothing available for when you exit the vehicle.
  7. Always clear any snow and ice from all windows, lights, mirrors and the roof before driving. After starting the vehicle wait for the interior windows to clear of fog so you will have appropriate visibility.
  8. Make sure there is sufficient windshield washer fluid in the vehicle reservoir and that it is rated for freezing temperatures.
  9. It takes longer to stop on slippery surfaces, so add additional time to the three-second rule.
  10. Know the proper handling procedures for a skidding vehicle.
  11. Remember that bridges and overpasses may freeze before the regular travel lanes of a roadway. Watch out for black ice, areas of the roadway that appear black and shiny and where your vehicle can suddenly lose traction. Slow down in these areas and keep your foot off the brakes.
  12. If you get stuck or stranded, don’t panic. Stay with your vehicle for safety and warmth. Wait for help to arrive. If you have a cell phone and are in an area with cell phone service, try calling for help. Try to always know your exact locations while driving.
  13. Keep your clothing dry. Wet clothing can lead to dangerous loss of body heat.
  14. For added safety, think about getting a winter driving survival kit. There are a lot of good ones available at hardware stores and online.
  15. Keep aware at all times. Winter driving requires so much more of your attention, so be alert and expect the unexpected.

Stay safe during the winter by following these tips, provided by Bob Bell Collision Center, one of the finest collision repair companies in MD .



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