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Big Ideas About Small Cars

More people are thinking smaller than ever before, and cars are a huge part of this new life style. A new popular concept has taken hold with the “Tiny House” movement, and along with it is the appearance of smaller cars. At Carstar Black Hills Autobody in Cottonwood, AZ, we want a greener planet, so we’re energized about this movement of “smaller is good.”

Small car drivers cite several reasons for falling in love with these new downsized vehicles:

Money money money

  • Money: The cost effective results of a smaller car allow for those with a limited budget to become car owners. The initial purchase prices as well as the upkeep and insurance costs of a small car are relatively less when compared to owning and maintaining a larger vehicle. Many new small car buyers are younger and want to be careful with their money, so you may see more and more Mini Coopers and Smart Cars in your neighborhood now and in the near future. The average small car purchase price can run in the $20,000 range, thereby lessening the burden of debt for the owner, while also saving owners on things such as insurance, registration fees, parking costs and of course, fuel expenditures. 

Fuel Economy

  • Fuel Economy: Higher gas prices always prompt a higher volume of sales for smaller cars and even if fuel costs go down, people who driver smaller cars enjoying spending less time and cash at the pump. The 2014 Mini Cooper gets an average of 27 miles per gallon in the city and 38 mpg on the highway with 31 mpg combined. Small car drivers can’t help but feel a little smug when comparing what larger car owners are paying to fuel their transportation costs and there’s the added benefit of knowing that a smaller car is a “greener” more environmentally friendly drive.

Design of a Small Car

  • Design: The smaller cars have undergone a significant upgrade in both exterior and interior design over the past decade. The new third generation Mini Cooper S Hardtop is almost a foot longer than older models while the interiors are more spacious than ever. Clever and creative use of materials has produced designs that allow for upgraded technology boosts such as the in-dash navigation systems and hard drive based entertainment systems. The Ford SYNC also includes in-car communications and smart phone integration which were all standard features available only in yesterday’s luxury sedans. Newer models of small cars include better accident and parking technology as well as extra airbags for added protection.

Off Roading

  • Fun: The smaller cars are fun to drive–especially when zipping around a traffic clogged area in Cottonwood. AZ.

Having a Great Day

  • Convenience: Smaller cars do best in the city environment and owners love being able to fit in numerous and challenging parking spaces. Drivers have also reported that the turbo charging 4-cylinder engine performs like a V6 engine, giving that extra power when maneuvering around city streets. Some small car owners delight in the positive attention they receive for driving a car that is also part of a solution to sustainable living.

At Carstar Black Hills Autobody in Cottonwood, AZ, we often think about the future of cars, because we hope to be fixing them for you for many years to come!

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