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If You're 50-Plus, Are You Still a Safe and Attentive Driver?

You made it to 50, congratulations! And because you've been driving for more than three decades, you assume that you're a safe driver, right? You follow all of the traffic laws, which includes not speeding, but as people age, physical changes can make driving a vehicle much more challenging. Many folks getting into the 50-60-year-old category feel as though they're responsible drivers and comfortable behind the wheel, but that's not always the case.

At Carty's Collision Center, Inc. in Ontario, CA, our desire is that all of our customers are always safe operators out on on the road, so here are some helpful tips on how to remain safe and sound on the roadways for those who are either 50-years-old or older :

Check your eyesight and hearing on a regular basis. Even if you think it isn’t needed, it’s important to have your vision and hearing on a regular basis. Your senses need to be sharp in order to be a safe and sane driver. Your eyesight and hearing will undoubtedly change as you age and many related problems can be treated if caught in time. If you start seeing things less clearly, such as street signs and oncoming highlights, make certain that you have the proper glasses and it will make all the difference in the world. The National Institute on Aging endorses that you should check your hearing at least every 2-3 years after the age of 50, to make sure that you can hear horns, sirens and other noises while driving.  

Take a series of defensive driving courses. Continually refining your driving skills and staying current about the rules of the road, can help to avoid traffic violations and collisions while staying in one piece. It's a win-win situation, because car insurance companies will normally give you a discount for taking a series of defensive driving classes. Groups such as AARP and AAA can help you to find classes in your area. We all think that we're excellent drivers, but refresher classes are never a bad idea.

Stay physically fit. Enhancing your overall strength and flexibility at any age is always important, but even more so when people start to age. By being vigilant about staying physically fit, it can assist you with everyday driving maneuvers, such as left turns and quick stops. Stretching, light weightlifting, walking and jogging  can make you a better driver, believe it or not.

Many people keep driving well into 80 years of age and I even met a man recently who is 90 and still taking road trips. By refining his driving skills and staying alert by doing mind exercises and staying healthy, people 50 or older can drive for many more years to come.  If at any point, you feel as though you're overwhelmed by driving, it may be the right time to let other people take over the wheel.

 Carty's Collision Center, Inc., 607 W California St, 91762, Ontario, CA 

Sources: AARP and AAA


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