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Common Mechanic Rip-Offs To Avoid

Unless you’re actually an automotive mechanic yourself, dealing with a repair shop might require a lot of understanding and trust. When we take our cars to a shop or service department, we have to believe in our mechanics, because they are experts and that's why we hire them for repair our cars.

At Jordan Valley Auto Body Repair, Llc., we are successful because we run a business that is accountable and 100% transparent and that's why people from Springfield and all over MO use our services. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of mechanical repair facilities out there that are not completely honest and who will rip you off at the drop of a dime.

Here are a handful of things that unscrupulous mechanics might say when they’re planning to take you for every penny they can:

"Get That Engine Flushed ASAP."

Beware if your repair technician's idea of "scheduled maintenance" does not resemble the recommendations listed in your owner’s manual. There are shops out there that will gladly pad the overall bill for you by pushing extra things and needless procedures, such as engine and transmission flushes, oil changes, "brake adjustments" or by scheduling some tasks long before they're needed.

 "With Some Cars,  They Go Through a Starter Every Year."

Total fiction. If this happens, contact some other shops in your area to find out what they think or check the Internet to see if there is an online discussion group devoted to your car's brand and model.

You may also want to take the car to another mechanical repair shop for a second opinion. If the initial repair was not up to your standards, always ask the offending shop  to repeat the repair without charge or at a significant discount.

"That Rebuilt Alternator Will Cost You $900."

Always price check everything,which includes parts and repairs. Most good shops will charge higher prices to cover the costs of having top-tier technicians, tools and equipment, but if they're trying to get you for 20 to 30 percent more than the going rate, that is just not right. You can ask other shops to find out how much mechanics in your area are charging for common repairs and maintenance and do som research to find out the prevailing labor rates in your area. For more complex problems, try comparing the price of the parts by simply calling parts stores or dealer parts departments.

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