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The Importance Of Quality Brake Pads

The Importance Of Quality Brake Pads

Here at TranStar Auto Body Shop in Oakland, CA we see our share of vehicles post-collision. Unfortunately may of them could have been avoided. Of course some of those are caused by distracted driving and things of that nature, but here and there some are due to the failure of faulty or substandard parts. One of the most important parts you can buy are brake pads. The quality of your brake pads may make the difference between a near miss and a fender bender or worse.

Obviously the condition of brake pads should be professionally inspected during every routine service. When it's time to change them out, though, you may want to consider something a little more high-end than what comes standard through the dealership.

Ceramic brakes are traditionally much quieter than semi-metallic ones. They leave behind less brake dust, which means less buildup over time. They provide superior braking performance as well. Brembo ceramic pads are a great value and have some of the best reviews online. Bosch makes some excellent ones as well.

Semi-metallic brakes produce more dust but usually dissipate heat better than ceramic as well as lasting longer.

AC Delco makes some of the best, but they can get pricey. For Toyota owners Toyota Genuine Parts offer great value and high-quality as well.

Whether you do your own brake changes or go to a professional, do a little homework prior to you next service.

A set of performance brakes makes a noticeable difference with stopping, vibration, and the length of time between replacements.

Written By: Todd Hendrickson

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