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The High-Tech Automotive Marketplace is Exploding!

Go with the new or keep the old?

You bought a nice car with all of the bells and whistles about eight years ago and now you feel like you’re driving a dinosaur. When you see your neighbor’s 2016 car, you get jealous—because the technology has changed dramatically since 2007, to say the least.

We see it all the time here at Jerry's Leesburg Collision in Leesburg, VA when people bring their pre-2005 cars to us. Our customers love their vehicles, but they also yearn for all of the new high-tech enhancements that the newer cars have. Chances are, you do, too. Well, don’t feel bad, because you’re not the only car owner that feels like they’ve missed the automotive technology party.

The average car on the road today is more than eight years old, which means they come with sophisticated airbags, electric windows, anti-lock brakes and other modern features. However, when it comes to things like GPS systems, enhanced entertainment (both audio and video), accident avoidance systems, smart phone integration and remote starting, you’re definitely outdated and feeling less cutting-edge.

Now you’re probably thinking of getting a new car, but unless you just cashed in on the lotto or landed a management job at Google, you’re probably not in a position to buy a new car this year. Fortunately, we at Jerry's Leesburg Collision have made a brief list of some of the newer high-tech systems that can be added to your existing car without breaking the bank:

  • Smartphone Integration & Entertainment: In addition to hands-free calling, you can stream music service, view and get guidance from Google Maps in your dash and much more.Like New!
  • Enhanced Audio: With better speakers and a more powerful amp, you can boost the sound quality in your car without replacing your car’s stereo.
  • Remote Starting and Diagnostics: Start your car from a distance with the press of a button, get feedback on your driving style (great for getting insurance rebates) and find out what that check engine light means. OBP Port Tuning systems are also very popular now, because they offer gear heads the ability to add power and performance by tweaking the computer associated with your vehicle’s engine.
  • Safety & Driver Distraction Elimination Systems: You can install systems that remind you to stay in your lane and add voice commands, as well as taking advantage of hands-free calling through your car stereo.
  • Modern Radar Detectors: For those of us with a heavy foot, there is a whole new generation of devices designed to help us “fly under the radar.” Long gone are the days of annoying false alarms and incessant beeping, as the latest generation of protection is available today. Avoid tickets by knowing where all the cops are 100% of the time.
  • High-Tech Seats:Today’s car seats can give you a massage with speakers in the headrests, etc. One of the most popular ones out there is called Relaxor Massager that offers drivers the ability to have a full massage while driving home from a stressful day at the office. It even has a “hot stone” feature for cold winter days!

So if having a more high-tech vehicle is what you want, then reach out to your local Leesburg retailer for specific options, costs and availability. Many of these new-car features are available for your old car, so jump into the high-tech game without having to buy a new car.

Everyone, including all of us at Jerry's Leesburg Collision in Leesburg, wants to get the newest technology for our cars, so find the solutions that are feasible and affordable for you and your car and start integrating these into your beloved vehicle.

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