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Some Great Automotive Picks For Under $20,000

Some Great Automotive Picks For Under $20,000

When I started driving I was warned by my parents that you get what you pay for in a car. When they were growing up I'm sure this was the case. Several of the lower-priced cars they could have purchased turned out to be either dangerously unsafe or mechanically unsound. In today's auto market, though, there are several amazing buys for consumers looking to get to work and back on a budget. After all, last year the average auto payment was just over $500 a month financed at 68 months! It's great to know that several great cars can be purchased for nearly half of that rate.

The first on the list is one I've owned. The Mazda 3 4-door sport edition is a great car. It was light and had decent pickup. The infotainment system wasn't anything to sneeze at, either. It isn't as small as most cars on the list, either and felt really safe. Working at Allyz Auto / Color Recon here in Orlando, FL safety is a major concern, as we see a ton of economy class cars in various states of disrepair. The gas mileage was the best thing, though. I got up to 37 MPG, meaning I saved even more at the pump. 

The Toyota Yaris is significantly smaller, but also costs on average about $2,000 less than the Mazda 3. It's also very efficient, netting mileage about the same as several other picks on the list. The main problem I had with this car was that I can't fit comfortably in the driver's seat, as will anyone else over 6 feet tall. 

The Kia Rio is another small but efficient pick. It can get up to 37 MPG and is light with a tight turning radius. The downside is safety. The Kia Rio has one of the worst fatality rates of any vehicle in history. It simply doesn't have the bulk to prevent injury in cases of collision.

I'm putting the Hyundai Accent and the Nissan Versa together because they ave offerings that are very similar. Their mileage is slightly less than others on the list, but they're larger than all of them except the Mazda. They both offer decent horsepower, but that's about it. They both lack amenities such as good infotainment systems or speakers. They're more practical choices designed for utility more than comfort. 

These are only of few of the handpicked choices available for under 20k. Many were not included because they are extremely small or limited in design features. Others got very low ratings in critical areas. Many of the models available, though, prove that you can get a very affordable daily driver without sacrificing some of the features you really want in a car.

Written By: Todd Hendrickson

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