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Vehicle Make : Honda
Kelsey L..
1 out of 5
DO NOT RECOMMEND EVER! Trusted these people with my car after i had gotten in a wreck due to the fact that my boyfriend worked there. A couple days later my boyfriend was no longer working there which worried me because of these quality he had told me about this place. When my car was so called "ready" I took off work early to go get it. When I arrived at Bates, my bumper was sticking out and there was still a dent on the passengers side door. When they took around to "fix" it and brought it back around, they had put another dent in my hood and the paint was very unprofessional (bubbly). Then I was told they would need to keep my car an extra day in order to get the dent out and redo the paint that they had just caused. When asked to talk to a owner several times, I was told "they are not in" when clearly my boyfriend knew what they looked like and saw them and their cars there. After leaving Bates I felt as if my air conditioning wasn't running as cold as before. I took it to my dealership to get an oil change and was surprised by what they told me. There they asked if I had gotten into a wreck because whoever had repaired my car, didn't fix the air conditioning. Once again, going back to Bates in order for them to look at my air conditioning, they said they were unable to take apart my a/c unit because they didn't want to cause more problems. Jessie had confronted me that she had called my dealership and told her that they didn't take my a/c unit apart, which in fact they did. MY dealership and I have been in contact and are aware of what Jessie said to me. They will be contacting Bates as soon as possible since what she said wasn't valid whatsover. Finally, when asked to talk to the owners millions of times, knowing they are there, the answer from everyone including Jessie and BOTH front desk ladies, all i got was "they aren't in", "oh, they are busy," "do you want to leave a message?" HORRIBLE SERVICES/CUSTOMER SERVICE. Very disappointed and ashamed to say I brought my car here.


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