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How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Parts

If you're a do-it-yourselfer and proud of it, wrenching on your ride out in the yard is as American as baseball and sweet apple pie! At Fix Auto Modesto, we have worked on a few cars in our lives, whether for work or as a hobby, and in many cases, how to avoid getting ripped off on arts we've had to find parts to do the work.

Most experienced backyard mechanics develop good sources for their parts over the years, but if you're new to the parts game, here are five ways to get the best parts and the best prices. These simple rules will work in Modesto,  CA and anywhere else in the USA.

1.) Buy parts in kits. When you're taking something apart, you  might as well try to fix some or all of the parts that are related, so that you don't end up having to re-do it at a later date. For instance, if are fixing a CV, you might also want to consider replacing all of the ball joints, struts and brake parts at the same time. Staying ahead of the game is always the wise way to go.

3.) Repair or replace? Some items can be repaired, but why not just step up and replace the entire system? It all depends on the type and year of the vehicle in question. In today's aftermarket world, you can get high-quality parts on a budget, so always consider replacing vs. repairing if you can.

2.) If it looks too good to be true, it is. A lot of the auto parts franchise stores offer deep discounts online . But beware and always try to find out where they are made. It's nearly impossible to find out which companies make these generic store-branded parts. If you're more concerned about saving money, these online aftermarket parts will save you a ton, but how will they hold up over time?

4.) Do your research. Do-it-yourselfers can benefit greatly by searching for information about parts online. If you're discovering a lot of bad reviews and comments about a particular part, obviously gravitate away from it. The worst thing is to install a part in your car and then read one-star reviews about it.

5.) Weigh the pros and cons. How long are you going to keep the car and is it a daily driver or a weekend warrior? It's common sense--don't drop a bunch of bucks on a vehicle you may want to unload in 4-8 months. If you want to keep it on the road, buy only the necessary parts, but never compromise your safety or anyone else's!

Sources: Consumer Reports, MSN and eBay Motors

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