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How much does it cost to repair my car’s front end damage in Alhambra California?

How much does it cost to repair my car’s front end damage in Alhambra California?

car with smashed front end in Alhambra California

One of the most common types of damage we see at our C & C Collision locations in Alhambra is front end and frame damage.  Minor damage to a front bumper is typically caused by pulling up too far in parking spaces, getting hit by debris on the road, sliding into a tow hitch, hitting a steep curb, bottoming out, or scraping another car in a parking lot.  Most of the time this is actually only damage to the front bumper cover.

Major front end damage happens during collisions with other cars on the road, with large animals, or with guard rails and other structures.  Front end damage can range from being simple scrapes and bumps to major impacts making your car un drivable.  The cost to repair this damage can be as little as $200 or as much as several thousand dollars, or worse, the possibility of having your car totaled. 

To determine the cost of your car’s front end repair, any Alhambra Area auto body shop would need to look at the following factors:

Which front end components are damaged?

If you have just a small dent in your bumper cover or a smashed fog light, then your repair won’t cost much in parts and labor.  In calculating your estimate, we would examine your bumper cover, headlights, fog lights, grill, splash shield, and the bumper structure underneath.  We will also need to see which parts can be repaired and which ones might need to be replaced.  Because bumper covers are made of plastic, instead of metal, they tend to require replacement.  It really depends, however, on the extent of your damage. We can weld some plastic bumpers back together with special plastic repair equipment that we have in our shop. Estimate $200-$3,000

Is there any structural damage?

If you have structural damage, it can significantly impact the cost of your repair.  To determine if you have any structural damage, we’ll take a look at your strut towers, hood, radiator support, fenders, and other structural components. Estimate $2,500- over $10,000

Were any mechanical components affected? 

We will need to determine if your collision caused any damage to your suspension, radiator, condenser, and more.  Sometimes, your car won’t appear all that damaged, but there will be costly mechanical and electrical damage beneath the surface in need of repair. Sometimes motor mounts and exhust hanger brackets get damaged in a car accident. We will check for those as well. Estimate $1,000- $3,000 for mechanical repair or replacement

How much paint work will be required during your repair?

If any of your damaged auto body parts are in need of replacement, the new parts will need to be painted.  If any damaged parts can be repaired, we will likely need to sand and paint them in order to have them looking brand new again. Paintjobs cost anywhere from $2,000 o $10,000 or more.

At C & C Collision, we can repair your car’s front end damage.

Our mission is to be the first choice in Alhambra Auto Body repair for vehicle owners in Alhambra California.  To achieve this, we consistently provide top-quality repair and refinish work on the schedule promised and at a competitive price.  We guide our customers through the repair process in a way that minimizes the trauma and disruption associated with an accident in order to get their lives back to normal as quickly and effortlessly as possible.



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