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Vehicle Make : GMC
David S..
1 out of 5
Worst service EVER! After personally dropping of my vehicle right at the front door and handing them the keys, I received a call a couple of days later from Key Collision stating that they do not have my vehicle. To make a long story short, they had transferred my vehicle from the Portsmouth location to their Rochester location without even notifying me. Apparently, they didn't notify their own staff either, I figured it out when I was getting calls from both locations. When it was finally ready to pickup (a good week later than I was originally told) I did a quick inspection of the vehicle. The lack of quality in their work was immediately apparent. The driver's door did not close unless you slammed it. The new grill that they put on was not even painted, they just threw it on in the flat black unpainted color instead of matching it to the vehicle paint color. I told them about the door which they took it back to adjust. About 15 minutes later, I got the truck back. The door did not close much better than before, but after I left, I discovered that they didn't tighten something up within the door, now I have a loud rattling happening. Also, the door handle is now loose. When I got on the highway, the vehicle was vibrating like never before. They claim they did a 4 wheel alignment on the vehicle and charged me for one as well, but it is VERY apparent that one was NEVER done. A day or two later, I found out that the horn no longer works either. I have talked with staff at Key Collision several times since then, they are asking for their payment in full, but when I tell them all the things that are still wrong that they did not fix properly, they NEVER asked me to bring the vehicle back in so they could fix the problems, they just tell me that they completed the work and I owe them the full amount. Do yourself a favor and do NOT go to Key Collision Center, go somewhere else and save yourself the grief!


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