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LoJack's National Vehicle Theft Protection Campaign

Car security technology changes literally every day. If we're being honest, in many cases, crooks are a lot quicker than the carmakers when it comes to hacking into systems and compromising security.

In Del City, OK, we hear about cars getting stolen and broken into all the time. So, here at Collision Works - Del City OKC, we became interested in LoJack's National Vehicle Theft Protection Campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to help car owners learn about new auto theft technology and techniques, so that they can be better prepared to protect their vehicle against car jackers. 

Today, there are several highly advanced car theft techniques readily available to car thieves. These crooks are very smart, connected to the technology and are more much more difficult to stop than ever before. 

LoJack's new campaign is devised to educate car owners and businesses about the rapidly evolving nature of automotive theft. If you've ever experienced having your car stolen or have seen someone go through it, you know what a headache the ordeal can be. By educating more drivers on how best to prevent these car theft attacks, LoJack is creating a stronger peace of mind and protecting vehicle owners across the country. 

Here are some suggestions offered by LoJack about how to stop car thieves or auto hackers.

Guard Your Sensitive Data Carefully

Cars are inherently valuable, but contain something even more precious as well: your personal information. If you know that personal data is stored in your vehicle, then you should take extra precautions to ensure it is safe. Because it is almost impossible to withhold certain data, such as your home address in your GPS system, be extra careful: always make sure that it is locked and in a safe place. Most importantly, use your best judgment: if you aren't comfortable leaving your car somewhere, then don't! 

Continually Update Your Manufacturer Software

Always download the latest firmware and software upgrades from your vehicle’s manufacturer as soon as they are made available. You can also ask your mechanic about updates when you visit the service department of your dealership.

Be Aware of Vehicle Recalls

If a flaw is discovered in a car's system that makes it vulnerable to cyber attacks, the vehicle may be recalled. To avoid driving around in a faulty car, check the web often for recall lists and alerts.

Consider Theft Prevention Products

It may cost you some money, but installing an immobilizer or an extra alarm system is a sound investment. These devices are good theft deterrents.

Never Leave Your Devices Exposed and Unattended

When you exit your car, take your smartphone, tablet and other devices with you. If you have a briefcase, backpack, or purse, always put them in the trunk out of sight. Leaving valuables within sight invites thieves to steal both the devices and the data they contain. 

Rely on Common Sense

Ignoring basic safety rules can make it all-too-easy for car thieves. Don’t leave keys in your vehicle with the engine running. Also, don’t “hide” a spare key in the car, and always lock your door when you exit your vehicle. 

Sources: LoJack, CNN and Forbes


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