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1 out of 5
If it were possible to give zero stars, that is absolutely what this place would be getting from me. To say that this is the worst service our family has ever received would be putting it lightly, and I’m not typically the type of person to go out of my way to review something (good or bad). The manager (or possibly owner, which would be even more frightening), Marvin, had hands down the worst customer service skills I’ve ever witnessed, a completely rude demeanor that just screams “I don’t give a s***,” and took zero initiative to help repair something his employees broke while in the process of repairing our equipment. I have already been very vocal to anyone and everyone I can to keep far, far away from this company, but I wanted to take it to the internet as well, since I know people out there do check reviews and I don’t want anyone else to make the same mistake we did. It’s not surprising that you can’t find reviews of KC Bodyworks on the internet, because this place is terrible.


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