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Vehicle Make : Infiniti
James B..
1 out of 5
This guy ( Gary )is a grade A rip off artist!!! He estimated the repaint on my car at 1300 to 1400 because I would give him referrals in business . I agreed to that price. During the painting process they damaged a ton of items on the car and refused to step up to the plate and be honorable. They scratched severely the rear window of the car. They broke the front window moldings in two places. They damaged several interior moldings, scratched both front and rear rear grilles with the DA sander. There are pin holes and fish eyes and runs through out the whole car which he says he could have detailed out. Isn't this something you do before you let a client take a car from your possession? When I arrived from Denver to pick up the car it wouldn't start do to the battery being dead. The guy who delivered the car said they tried to charge the battery but it wouldnt hold. The battery was a 300 dollar gel battery that they damaged by trying to charge it. I never asked for compensation i just replaced it. The power steering pump also died because they never started it like they told me they would in the months it was there once again never asked for compensation just replaced it 675.00 part only. So I came into Phx from Denver to pick up a car that was not cleaned or detailed, they also left the windows wide open because all the door pulls where filled with leaves and dust, there were several issues that were not a part of the car when it was dropped. I planned to get into the car and drive it back to Denver that day. I drove it to a hand wash place in Scottsdale to get it detailed...that's when the cheap workmanship really revealed itself. There was over spray all over the car had runs on both fenders two of the doors were never painted and have the peeling that was never addressed.The damage to the window and moldings. The pin holes that go all the way to the primer. I guess this is why you wouldnt detail the car to reveal your workmanship. I tried to stay calm and decided I would just call him on Monday when I was home. I hand washed it myself when I got home and honestly felt very taken advantage of. This was a guy I trusted and was shocked at the level of care and attention I was given. I am in the automotive industry and this car is **** of 1600. The parts are tough to get so when they are damaged it kind of a big deal. I never asked him for compensation only to make it right with minimal head aches for myself. I work 65 hours a week so it's hard to take off time. I had to call 3 weeks in a row to catch him on the phone because I am out of state and he was dodging my calls. When I got him on the phone finally. He was polite at first. Then I told him I took it to several shops to get it looked at. He immediately said now your talking **** and hung up. I have estimates from the other shops to fix his damages. It's not pretty. Honestly I paid 2200 to car medics gave the guy a 50 tip because he met me after hours. But honestly I wish I never would have let them touch the car that is a gift for my daughter. Please learn from my mistake don't go here


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