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Vehicle Make : Hyundai
Timothy L..
1 out of 5
DO NOT GO HERE I BEG OF YOU THEY BROKE MY CAR EVEN MORE ANS THE OWNEE THREW A FENDER AT ME Brought my car there 2 months ago, took then about 3 weeks to fix what was needed to be fixed. Came by to picked it up only to find that they had broken a piece of the button on my steering wheel, ESC couldn't be turned off, the front right guard to my engine was missing and a piece of my gear shift was gone. Told them about it and it took them another month to fix and order the parts. Came in today only to find a piece of my right view mirror was cracked on the back. They saidnthat it was there from before and they were dead wrong. I go to school in Richmond so whenever I park my car I ALWAYS fold my mirrors in to be safe. The French guy who worked there was complaining that my car has been there and taking up space for so long, why is he complaining its your guys fault for taking forever to fix it. I asked them why were they giving me attitude when they broke my car even more when they were suppose to fix it, they said that it was my fault the front right guard was broken when I know for a fact it wasn't, the owner Minh got into an argument with me about it and then he brought out the old piece they replaced and threw it at me saying here is your old piece. Ok first odd you do not I repeat DO NOT THROW THINGS AT YOUE CUSTOMER ( wish I got that on camera), second when I brought my car in they made even more of a mess, third don't tell me that I broke it when I know for a fact that i didn't because just like the other stuff they broke they definitely broke that too. I will be reporting this place to whoever and whatever I can, HORRIBLE people


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