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Vehicle Make : Honda
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Completely awful individual, Cody Kaslov (Looks like this:,, Turns out he also goes by "Joe" ( Seemed nice, came in person to see state of the car needing paint repair. Arrived with his wife and kids in his van, so you think he stopped on his way to/from a family event. Quick talker, quotes exorbitant price and rigmarole necessary to do job but then comes down to a price offered. Cried delay after delay about his wife and whatever else but you teeter on the edge about whether or not he's dubious because he seems family oriented. The day of the work, it seems like a total rush job. Nothing's taped off, streaks everywhere. You'd think he was coming with some huge operation when it's basically a bunch of paint cans. The paint's not even dry before he's ready to hightail it out, becoming pushy and overbearing when it's time to pay, even though the work does not match the quoted price or the labor estimated. He's either ready to "follow you to an ATM" (his words exactly) or hover at your house until you pay him. You just give him the money so he'll leave and not get loud and aggressive with you. Totally deceiving, definitely overpriced. Not even worth what I offered, definitely not what he quoted. Advertises as: E&J Mobile Auto Body 7220 Deborah Dr, Falls Church, VA 22046, 571-327-0744 (via Google listing) Or on Craigslist with phone numbers 571-882-9968 or 703 867-8490 Or through as The whole thing is so shameful; I think his wife is at that -0744 number Basically just Google any of this information about him and steer completely clear! He's been doing this for over a year, apparently. Avoid him in the Virginia, Maryland, DC area. TOTAL SCAM ARTIST!!


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