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Where do I even begin?? Saturday I walked into used car sales looking for a newer truck. I have a 4 month old daughter and I couldn't put her in a single cab. I was approached by Jim White. Actually I approached him. He did nothing but sit at his desk. I told him what I was looking for and that i had a slight issue. Our truck title was in probate due to the passing of my father. I asked if I needed to wait until it is out of probate before looking? He said, "No! We will take care of it! You can buy now. Don't worry about it.". So I went out to look and found the truck that was in my price range, and asked if he could bring it around. I ended up trading the single cab for this 2014 chevy silverado. The sales man, Jim white was criticizing my parenting when I was putting my daughter in a single cab truck. (Which is my husbands truck. I have a honda accord in which I put her in. I brought his truck to trade it in for that one day). Well, I saw that the seatbelt was broken along with some minor scratches on the truck in which they say they can fix. They said come back the following Monday at 9:30. We go inside and wait for about an hour for the finance department. We pay our truck off along with the highest platinum package that covers bumper to bumper IN FULL, cash. The title is in probate so we only got one set of keys and no paperwork at all. We sign and are on our way. Monday morning at 9:30 I arrive for my apt. Only to find that they are "too busy" and I would have to wait 4 HOURS with a baby or come back the next Monday. Which is pretty unacceptable in my book. Not able to wait that long I leave and take the Monday apt. at 9:30. The seatbelt is a safety hazard for my baby so I come back Monday and just ask them to fix that, not the scratches. They "fix" it and as I get all the way home I unbuckle her car seat and guess what? It was broken again. Aggravated I went back up there and demanded it be fixed. The service man said that they would have to order the part and keep my truck for 3 days and to come back Monday. So that's what I did. I call ahead bright and early to make sure we are still on. I call 4 times and finally at 4:30pm I still had not received a call back. I show up and demand they fix my truck. They said okay leave it there and they'll get to it Tuesday and I could get a loaner car which is perfect but after waiting for over 2 hours they tell me that since I'm an 18 year old mother they won't give me one so I was out of luck and someone needed to come pick me up. Again, UNACCEPTABLE. I leave infuriated. My husband leaves work early, goes up there, gets the loaner car for me. When They call for me to pick the truck up they said they couldn't see any scratches. When I arrived I pointed it out. Had to drive all the way back home and wait a few hours and drive all the way back. When I picked it up the seatbelt came apart AGAIN and the scratches were still noticeable. I was past my breaking point so I just left. I get a call from chasity at lynn **** saying that they still haven't gotten the title for the truck and said that the GM needs us to write an EXTRA $8,000.00 dollar check when they said they could "take care of it" in which they couldn't. I spoke with the GM John W. And he was very rude. He was talking over me and said that it was my fault and when I confronted him about his sales man, Jim White telling me a lie just to get a sale he replied with, " I tried to stop it, but it's not our problem.". The proceeded to get angry when I told him that I was in fact, not going to write another check. I demanded my money back and the truck back. I went up to Lynn ****, spoke with Chasity. She gave me a check for the truck and gave me the keys to my single cab truck. I asked to speak with the GM regarding a paper I wanted him to sign stating that when they gave us out money and truck back, we owe them nothing and they owed us nothing. John the GM said that wasn't necessary. He was not willing to sign it. I proceeded to tell him how my experience was with the dealership he was running and I said that it was very necessary. It took me getting my lawyer on the phone for him to finally signed it because I was not walking out the door without it. Yes, I am 18, but no John, you may not under any circumstances take advantage of me. I will not allow it. Watch out future buyers of Lynn **** Burleson. Read reviews. This Dealership is not what you think it is.


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