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Vehicle Make : Pontiac
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2 out of 5
Took my car in on Aug. 2016 for a minor hit on right side rear on front of tire. Finally got my car this March 2017. I called several times for updates on the status of car. Never once did I ever get a call back. The only calls I ever got was to let me know the car was ready. My 1980 Trans Am is a show car. When I took my car in, it was super shiny, extremely clean, tires also very clean and the snowflake gold rims very clean also. The engine bay was also very clean and shiny just like the interior. It took them months and months before they worked on my car. They did not even know where to order the correct replacement parts. I had to take my laptop and show them the websites from where to order the right parts. If I had not gone to the shop to check on my car they would have taken more time to fix it. When I got called that my car was ready, went and found my car inside, outside and engine bay severely filthy. No attempt was made to even wipe it down. So when I got in the car the brake line was on and the car had no brakes at all. the pedal went all the way down to the floor. When I questioned them on the problem they told me that they had checked the fluid and brakes and they were fine. So they knew the car had no brakes at all and they never mentioned one word about the car having no brakes. They actually hoped that I would not notice the problem and just drive away. I would have not even made it out the shop without no brakes or worse I would have gotten in an accident or even hurt someone else. So I told them that I would not accept the car without no brakes. Two days later I got called that the problem was fixed. All they did was add more brake fluid to the rear chamber of the master cylinder and blamed the problem on a leaking cap of the master brake cylinder. The brake fluid that so called leak damaged all the paint on the brake booster. So I checked and the brake light was off and there was just enough brake power to make the car driveable. I told them to just give me the keys to the car and left. I was fed up with their work ethic and just wanted to get my car out of there. Even the car cover I left with them had tears all over in especially on the back and front part of the cover. Returning my car is such a poor appearance is not an excuse for doing a good job on fixing a small pushed in dent. A small job that took them SEVEN(7) months to repair. All I ever got were excuses, can't find the correct pin striping, can't find the correct size decals, we can't paint. And while waiting for all these so called excuses they could have sent out the right rear rim for reconditioning and aligned it. If I had not gone in on February and questioned them on these 2 issues they would have never done it. I can't even tell f they aligned it cause I can't drive it because of the brake problems that occurred while the car was in their shop. So I never got my car back in the condition it was in when I took it in. Very poor and extremely unpleasant experience with this shop. Will never do business with them ever again


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