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Vehicle Make : Nissan
Sandeep M..
1 out of 5
BEWARE they are CHEATS!!! Duped me by paying for OEM priced parts and installed Aftermarket parts which are CHEAP thus helping them make QUICK MONEY. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOP as they are DISHONEST!!!!!!!! BIGGEST CROOK (Mr Owen-Owner) is DISHONEST, his new Body Shop Supervisor & new Office (Lady) staff too. Please DO NOT deal with both of his new recruits who only care for their job. All EX-CUSTOMERS please review your INVOICE with the PARTS INSTALLED as you may be CHEATED TOO. One of the smallest example: They installed TYC Brand headlamp which is $90 and billed me for $290 (cost of OEM) thus making an EASY PROFIT of $200 on a SINGLE item. This they did for the entire $5100 job which had multiple parts so think how big CROOK is AUTORITE. I have written documentation proof that they did the same CHEAT on my Hood pricing and installation which was detected in 2015 by 3rd party when my hood latch got stuck as the INSTALLED HOOD was heavier. AUTORITE in 2013 invoiced me for OEM Hood and installed AFTERMARKET Hood. Today I went to their office to remind them of the concern as both new recruits never called me after promising that I would be called a week ago. All 3 of them were upset that I posted their history (true story) online and threatened me that they have called the police even though I was in the customer area expressing my concern. Asked me to get out but his Chinese God kept in his office was hearing which Mr. Owen should be scared off. The police also will see the Invoice and would have found the Aftermarket brand installed and all the components could have been checked. It will be an OPEN and Shut case and the Police will lock down the shop. They do not realize that I have a Lifetime warranty issued by Autorite and as a customer they will be dragged to court for 2 reasons; duping me by putting in aftermarket parts when invoiced for OEM and secondly for not fixing the body repair job and had every legal right to express my concern. Both these 2 new recruits when in court will walk away leaving Mr Owen all alone. I AGREE with other similar RIP OFF posts. History: The wrecker who toed my car took my car to him and it happened to be closer to my workplace in 2013 so ended up with Autorite. In 2013, I did a body repair worth $5100 and paid for OEM Parts. In 2015, the hood latch got jammed and the dealer proved me that the Hood was a aftermarket as it was heavier and jammed it. AUTORITE had no data and after many arguments when complained to BBB replaced the hood with OEM as Mr. Owen was concerned about bad reviews in YELP.COM and asked me to remove the negative review in exchange for putting OEM Hood. This is how he fixes things. I had to fix the hood latch on my own dime at the dealer as I needed to change engine oil. In 2017, the headlight got fogged up which when checked also happened to be an aftermarket part. AUTORITE had put TYC Brand (aftermarket part) instead of Genuine Nissan Brand (OEM). Thus the entire $5100 job was installed with cheap Aftermarket parts and I paid for OEM parts. Thus I was cheated by AUTORITE and they made EASY MONEY on parts. The bumper has also started falling apart thus quality of work BAD. I have put the picture of the bad job and aftermarket head lamp for quick reference as profile picture for any future customers to see. See the gap between the Headlamp and Bumper which is the responsibility of AUTORITE to fix for Lifetime Workman Warranty which was NOT given to me. There were many other parts including Power steering Pump and Tank and I am sure all of them will be Aftermarket too. They want only business and your money. All customer having current repair job please ask for RECEIPTS FOR PARTS as these CROOKS will take you for a ride.


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