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Vehicle Make : Lexus
Dan L..
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Vezzani's completed replaced my exhaust from the catalytic convertors back 2 years ago. It's now completely rusted and both mufflers literally fell off. He said that since it didn't last as long as he thought that he'd weld the mufflers back on for $30. I said okay. That was in early February. It's now August. For 6 months we've been dropping it off at his shop here and there only to have him say that he didn't have time this week, and drop it off later. Meanwhile, we've been struggling to find transportation while it's sitting in his parking lot. Over the past 6 months, he's had my car in his possession for a total of 37 days and he never got around to taking **** hour to weld 2 mufflers on. 5 weeks ago, I begged him as nicely as I could to please get it done since we wanted to sell the car. No luck. As I picked the car up today and mentioned that he's been telling me that he'll do the job for 6 months, he had the tenacity to tell me that the reason he didn't do it is because it would cost him more than $30. That's the first I've heard of that and if that's the case, then why did he tell me $30 or simply charge me more? I just wanted it done. I'm now taking it to Monro Muffler. What a crook! Take your car/truck elsewhere.


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