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Now usually I don't do these but this has been one heck of a morning. So I am going to take my time to explain why I am very displeased with the lack of customer service at this business. My car was towed here after a wreck. I was told by insurance company to CALL and give my VERBAL consent to release my vehicle. When I called a lady picked up the phone and told me they could not release my car to my insurance company unless I personally came and signed a release consent form. I explained to them that I worked during their hours of business and if possible could they accommodate my situation. The receptionist/ rep. told me she is their every morning to open up at 7:30 so that I could sign and get any of my belongings and to call her back with a day I could come. I called back Tuesday, 5/16 and confirmed with her that we would meet on Wednesday at 7:30 am. Initially, I was still irritated but I woke up at 5:00 am and tackled the Septa transportation system to make sure I got there at 7:30 am in order for me to still make it to where I work at Bristol. I did this while still lugging my very active 4 year old boy around in order to get him to daycare since I just recently moved here from GA and I am a Single mom. Once again, mind you , I had todo this all on Septa and I just moved here from Georgia. Of course, the rep was late, which means I was **** and a half hour late to work as a result. But even so it would have been worth it I could do as I was told, which was, sign away consent for my car to be picked up by my insurance company and obtain some of my belongings. But wait get this... I signed the the consent paper and low and behold when she goes to look for my car in their hand written system, my insurance company had already tooken the car to there affiliates in New Jersey. I cried on the train to work. Totally embarrassing but forget it. I literally wasted 5 hours of my life for nothing! I repeat Nothing! And on top of that I lost $50 in wages I could have earned with my employer. Not to mention now, I will have to travel on Septa AGAIN to obtain the items from my car I was told I could retrieve this morning. But I'm sure this company does not care because my insurance company will cut them a check regardless. I am just disgusted with the lack of customer service since I assume this company does not care since they probably make descent enough money towing peoples car to not uphold themselves to ensuring everyone of their clients or customers receives a quality of service. No one called to tell me my car had been picked and I can't blame my insurance carrier because they told me I could simply just call and give verbal consent. The mis-information provided was a totally lack of consideration. And to think no one called to say don't come it's been moved.Then I called to speak with the manager and the same lady answered the phone and told me he was busy. I'm waiting for a my call back. I could go on and on but i'll just leave this here. A simple sorry would mean the most at this point even though this was a big inconvenience in this thing called LIFE for me. UPDATE: 3:38 5/17/17 So I recently spoke with the owner, Pete. He told me he would reimburse me for my lost wages but then went on to tell a lie. He did apologize for the lack of communication but went on to say how he was the reason I did not have to pay charges. He claimed the insurance company said it was "my fault" and weren't going to pay him. I have full coverage, uninsured motorist and roadside assistance. Don't add insult to injury by lying or just not admitting your wrong so you can cover yourself. So I called back to let him know I he was lying. He wasn't there but the lady who told the wrong info. to begin with called back. Talking to me like I was beneath her of course and basically said it was my fault and my insurance companies fault AGAIN when she is the one who screwed up. She even admitted she screwed up when she told me my tags were tags were out of state which is why the rule did not apply. Learn how to say sorry and mean it with no excuses.


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