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Vehicle Make : Dodge
Candy D..
1 out of 5
No Stars had I been given that option.... My Son has a Dodge Pick up that he customized himself. Took his truck to this place on 05 June 2016 for a paint job. HE PAID $1870.00 CASH MONEY....and was told it would take FOUR days. 09 June truck had not been touched. after multiple excuses my son asked him if it would be ready by 17 June, because he wanted to take his truck to Cruise Night in Eufaula. Owner replied Not a problem, that was more than enough time. this is when I became involved on the 17th the truck had been taped and primer had been applied. still needing to be painted black then the painted red, clear-coated and buffed. And then there was the metal that needed to be place on the inside of the doors because he had installed door poppers. My son paid the remaining balance at this time, This establishment had all their money. I had been communicating with them from this point as my son now has to use my car to get back in forth to his job an hour commute one way.... I spoke with the owners father on the 21st of June and explained our frustration that we understood that things happen,employees, mistakes, etc. but that we were unable to contact anyone at the shop or at any of the numbers we had been provided. And that if it was going to take longer to just please tell us a date? He assured me that it would be done by close of business 22 June, even if they had to work through the night. . We were not contacted and I was unable to go because my son had my car and does not get home until long after the shop closes. On Thursday the 23rd, I spoke with the Al the owners Father around 10 AM he let me know the truck was finished, but they had been unable to start it, he was worried.... I told him not to worry, that my son would know how to fix it, but was thankful the truck was done and that my son and I would be there tomorrow to pick it up. We go to pick the truck up, it is outside, as usual NO ONE is working on it.... the worker comes out and said that the owner had went to Tulsa to get more compound so he could finish buffing out. NO door panels, so my son within 10 minutes had the truck running. I told the worker that he needed to get someone in here to explain why the truck was not done. The owner finally shows up with a large cup uncovered half full of compound. This guy has an attitude, he looked at me and said that his Father never told me the truck was ready, I was livid... I told him that the truck needed to be finished by close of business TODAY... He said not a problem, he was going to do it himself. We came back at 4:00 (4HOURS Later) He had done about 3 to 4 feet of buffing. The worker came out and said, O I just got the compound here!!! These people are incompetent, unprofessional, and unreliable. If they worked half as hard as they work on dreaming up excuses and lies it would be a 5 star establishment. DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO THESE GUYS UNLESS YOU HAVE NOTHING BUT TIME TO WASTE. I left my son there I'm not sure what condition the truck will be in..... they have all most 2000.00 of his money and the truck looks like crap!!!
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Vehicle Make : Hummer
Chelsie B..
1 out of 5
I took my truck here to have some scratches removed. The owner told me that he would color sand it and wax/buff it and it would look perfect. I dropped it off and went to pick it up that evening. It was parked in the shade and looked wonderful! He did tell me that if I went out in the sun and seen anything wrong with it not to hesitate to let him know. I left and got home (parked in the sun) to find awful buff marks and swirls covering my truck! I tried calling and left a message for him and never received a call back. My husband then called him and was able to reach him. He told me to drop it off and they would fix it! I then took my truck back to them hoping they would make it right. I go pick it up after work... they are already closed so there was nobody there to talk to. I was floored at how horrible it looked!!! I didn't think it was possible, but it looked 20 times worse than the first time!!!! they left WHITE wax on my BLACK truck! Its all over the trimming and in every nook and cranny! The swirl marks are so deep that I had a reputable body shop tell me that I am going to need a whole new paint job!!! I have tried calling them back and needless to say I cannot get an answer! I now know of several other people who have had to take this business to court to get their money back on services that were not done as promised. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS PLACE!!!! ABSOLUTE JOKE! Go to Daniels or Henshaw Brothers!


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