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Vehicle Make : Ford
Susan P..
1 out of 5
Not as trustworthy as they appear. They do not follow through on the work they say they do. I took my car there for repair, after having my car approx 3 weeks, I finally picked up my car. They promised that my car was in perfect condition only to have to return it several more times which again took several weeks to repair. They returned my car again to me with promises that the work was complete. Todd and Bruce were great guys and so it was easy to trust them. I left there the third time with great expectations and recommending this shop to everyone I knew. Until I had to go back again to repair what should have been repaired in the first place, then was charged out of my pocket for something that my insurance said should have been paid by a suppliment, which was never turned in, so I have been reimbursed by my insurance for that payment. Todd advised me that I needed to get some more work on the car which insurance would not cover, so I took it to a mechanic closer to my home for that work, only to be advised of a list of problems that my car had (they had no way of knowing anything about the prior repairs), Some of the problems they found were paid by my insurance to replace. On Aug 28, 2015 I called them and spoke to Bruce who was very matter of fact that the work was done, they had invoices, when I pointed out an invoice does not mean the item was actually put on the car, and asked for a rental car while my car is in another shop getting the proper repairs, I was told he would check with "Jennifer", he called me back and said "yes, it was only right, but it would be Monday" I called back to question why I had to wait until Monday as it was only noon on Friday, Bruce then stated he was texting Jennifer again to ask about that, within the hour I received a call and told no on the rental car and they wanted to tow the car back again so they could try and fix it right again. The ok then not ok on the rental car was just unexplainable. I asked for copies of all of these "invoices" which I was told would be emailed to me and were not. The worst part is I trusted Todd at his word and did not get anything in writing as to his promises, and now my car is at another shop to get done what I was told was already done.


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