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Vehicle Make : Chrysler
Justin L..
1 out of 5
If you ever need body repair on a Chrysler Jeep or Dodge DO NOT go to this dealer, only reason I did was because it was an authorized repair shop for my insurance. Go to Colerain Dodge body shop. First thing that happened was they had my car for almost two months before I got it back the FIRST TIME. There was rear driverside damage approx $12k worth. I had to call every couple days because no-one ever called me to tell me what was going on and why it was taking so long. So after 2 months, I called and they said it was ready. So I drove 45 min to go pick up my car, hand them a check for almost $12k and they hand me the keys. I walk out and look at my car, it was horrible. There was a layer of body repair dust ALL OVER the inside, scratches on parts that were replaced, paint chipping on new parts and they couldn't even run it through the car wash. I had to go and I had to have my car cause my rental was up. I emailed and called the body shop the next day and told them they need to come pickup my car and bring me one to drive. They did. Another 2 weeks without my car, they bring it back to my house with a sliced tire that they hit on a car rack, scratched rim and a half **** wipe down job on the inside. So I called them again to come get the car and fix the tire. They did. another couple days without my car. They bring it back, over the course of a week when I finally got to drive my car, I just kept noticing more and more stuff that they messed up or missed. Scratches on inside of car, plastic not put back, micro scratches all over the car, trim not put in correctly, chips on the paint, etc. Ive been emailing the body shop for the last 2 weeks and haven't heard anything back. You would think with $12k and almost 3 months total, that they would be able to fix a car. DO NOT GO TO THIS BODY SHOP!!!!!!!


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