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1 out of 5
SHOCKINGLY BAD EXPERIENCE. They will let a non company employee to joy ride your car, will try to sell you what you don't need by pretending there's a problem, completely unreliable and dysfunctional management, very difficult to get owner on the phone. Called Billy, the owner, the night prior and scheduled to bring my mustang for brake pad (and possibly rotors) replacement and also to meet him next day in the shop at 10:00am to go over the scope of work and agree on the price. Arrived next day at 9:45am, met with Joe, the mechanic, who said he is unable to price out the job or take a look at the car without the owner's permission, which is completely understandable. Fast forward 10:20am, the owner still isn't there and I can't get him on the phone. Unfortunately, I can't wait any longer and have to go to work (family member agreed to let me use her car for the day while my car is at the shop). Joe offered that I leave my car keys and the car at the shop, then when Billy gets there they'll look at the car and he's going to give me a call to determine what work needs to be done and how much it'll cost. That sounds like a plan, I give him the keys and leave. Fast forward a few hours, I received no calls, I'm coming back to the shop around 3pm to find that my car is nowhere to be found. Joe tells me that another mechanic has my mustang and is test driving it and will be back any minute. Two minutes later the other mechanic shows up with the car, gets out and tells me that there's serious problems with it. Apparently it 'shakes like a mother!@$%' when in 4th gear which indicates that there's damage in the transmission, so that should be the primary focus which will cost a lot of money to repair and is even more important than the brake pads or rotors. When he sees that I'm skeptical he offers to have me take a ride with him to prove it. It's worth noting that the mustang is 2014 and I'm the only owner and drive the car nearly every day, so I probably would have noticed if it was shaking in a certain gear but I digress. I take him up on the offer to drive it again except I tell him that I'll be driving it and he can sit next to me and tell me what to do to recreate the effect. We get up 25mph, I switch to 4th gear, there's no shaking so I ask him if he's noticing anything. He says get it up to 50mph because that's when it REALLY starts to shake, so we take it on Sunrise, 50mph 4th gear very smooth, 60mph same thing, nothing is shaking. He asks me to hit the brakes with gear engaged which I do. Needless to say, two minutes of us doing this nonsense on Sunrise yields no results, nothing is shaking then he says that maybe it was the 5th gear so we repeat everything with the 5th to no avail. At that point it's painfully obvious what is going on so I ask him 'So, anyway, how long have you been with the company?' to which he replies that 'Oh, no, I don't work there.' TLDR: Wasted a few hours of my time, had a person who isn't even the company employee to joy ride my car to 'test' it. The guy 'testing' it had the nerve to lie to my face trying to upsell me on the job and the other mechanic was right there just going along with it. The saddest part is that I was offered to come back the next day AGAIN to meet Billy and get the price to have the brake pads replaced. You've wasted a lot of my time today and no work has been done, so I figured, at this point, I might as well invest an hour into putting this review together to save the next person from making the mistake of going into your shop. Whoever is reading this, YOU'RE WELCOME!


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