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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
Sel R..
1 out of 5
DO NOT GET YOUR CAR TOWED HERE. Kimberly’s Automotive Inc. uses two addresses. One is 18-03 Steinway Place, NY 11105 (which is found on the receipt) and 18-67 42nd St. Astoria, NY 11105 (which is on their garage). Kimberly’s Towing and Collision will scam you. My car was towed here and I called the very next morning to find out an estimate (expecting them to repair my car). I was told they will look at it and return my call. I did not receive a phone call and later that day I called again and the employee told me he was not able to look at my car and he’ll waive the overnight storage fee. I called two days later still regarding an estimate and an employee Keith told me they could not look at the car until the insurance agent of the other car involved in the accident came to take a look at my car. A few days passed and still no word so I went to Kimberly’s to find out that they do not repair cars. They only store the cars here. So why did no one inform me that they don’t repair cars? Why on the front of their garage, do they have a sign that states, “Complete Auto Repair”? If I had known they don’t repair cars, I would have taken my car out the first day after the accident. A second problem is I was charged for towing. I have AAA and Kimberly’s Automotive Inc. is an authorized auto repair facility; yet I was still charged. So now I’m $500 dry with a car that is still wrecked.
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Vehicle Make : Volkswagen
Jamie H..
1 out of 5
STAY FAR AWAY. Yesterday I called AAA at 3:55pm to request a tow, unfortunately Kimberly's is the service provider for the area I was in. ETA was 4:55pm. They showed up 30 minutes late. As soon as their driver "Johnny Z" pulled up he informed me I would be responsible for round-trip tolls in cash as my vehicle was to be towed upstate. He was correct, this is a AAA policy I am very much aware of. He claimed tolls would be $95 (taking GWB to 87). They aren't. I informed him I too am a tow truck operator who also worked for a AAA service provider and I know better - miraculously the tolls dropped by $20. He asked if I would be ok with them towing my car to their station and keeping it there until 7pm when their night driver arrives. He assured me my vehicle would be at my home by 9pm (60 miles upstate). I agreed. Again, I am a tow operator and I understand having to juggle multiple calls when one is a long distance tow. He loaded my vehicle and was off. Exactly 4 hours later at 9:30pm I called Kimberly's to find out where my car was, as I hadn't heard anything in hours. Their RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL dispatcher said it wouldn't arrive until between 12am-1am. Unacceptable. I told him I wouldn't be awake, they promised 9pm, and my car needs to be transported immediately. He told me he would "drop my car in the road and leave the key in it" and that "he didn't make arrangements, he just got in at 7pm" I called AAA, they immediately called Kimberly's. Suddenly their ETA changed to "between 1am-2am" At 2:30am I called AAA, as my car still hadn't arrived at my home. They contacted Kimberly's who said their driver was on the Tappan Zee Bridge and would arrive in 45 minutes. Nearly an hour and a half later at 3:56am Kimberly's driver "Manny" pulled up to my house. I asked him which route he took up and he said 287, over the Tappan Zee. I asked which route he was taking back and he again said 287 over the Tappan Zee. Now the problem with this is they collected *$46* for the return trip over the GWB, the Tappan Zee is only $14.75 for a tow truck to cross. It doesn't take a genius to see I was overcharged by over $30. I demanded the difference, he refused. It is sickening and disheartening to think of all the people they have tried their scam on and gotten away with it. I have been left with no other option but to file multiple formal complaints through AAA in hopes they rectify the situation. It took 12 hours and 13 phone calls to AAA & Kimberly's until my vehicle arrived only 60 miles upstate. If you wish to receive horrendous unprofessional service while being scammed and overcharged, Kimberly's is your place.


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