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Well i got suckered for a lot of money. Had rust on the doors of my truck. Went to D Touch, talked to a guy named Danny, had lots of cars that needed repair in front of his shop. He looked busy and he was close to my job so i asked for an estimate. He said 900 for the doors and roof but for 2000 he would paint the whole truck and repair the rust(cut bad metal out and new metal).I asked if this would fix the rust problem, He showed me a car in the shop he was doing the same thing to with the metal cut out and re fabricated. he also guaranteed his work if there was any problems to bring it back and he will repair it. I was impressed so I went for the 2 grand and told him i needed the truck back in five days and asked if he can do that. He said that it was no problem. So i brought the truck in on that Monday. Called on Friday to pick it up and he said it wasn't ready yet, i said " so when will it be ready?". He said come Saturday,Needless to say this went like this till Wednesday the next week when i said this is ridiculous and he finally said the truck was ready. there were a few uneven paint spot and i brought it back a week later and he fixed it. There was also a problem where the trim above all 4 wheels were never taken off which started chipping. his excuse was that he didn't have the tool to remove the ford trims. On my interior rear driver side door there was a trim left hanging that he epoxied back on instead of using the proper fasteners. It is now about 5 months, rust is coming back in the same spots on the bottom of the doors went back to him and offered me 500 back if i wait 2 weeks and said" i never guaranteed the rust wouldn't come back, rut is like cancer, but ill give you 500 dollars in 2 weeks and well sign and write your vin. He also said if i take him to court that it wont work cause he doesn't own the business anymore and i would waste a lot of time showing up to court. guess what,, I'm taking him to court, Please if anyone out there sees this post do not give them your business. Danny will tell you anything you want to hear before you give him the work. He is a liar and does shoddy work and you will spend allot of money and regret it like me.


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