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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
Lydia N..
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I brought my Pearl White chevy tahoe in to get painted after a minor accident. It got hit left front/side...left fender, front bumper and headlight. White Diamond Tri-coat Paint. Was told that they will repaint everything including blending the doors. Instead they painted 3 quarters on my hood and cracked the paint on the right fender smashing the bumper back on, and cracking the left fender paint. My front bumper is almost black cause all the paint is coming off. This is a 3 stage coat process, but yet they didnt even prep the sh*t. They tried to touch up the fenders with white pain no less and didnt even blend the doors. They told me that the color of the paint will Are you serious dude????? It doesnt match!!! Simply put, you didnt paint it right......! I have been fighting with them continuously and requested a check back and his response was,,,,,,"ill give you the $500 towards your savings to get it done" But yet, im young and im always right right??? So Im 32 and I am young to you, so you try to make me look and feel like im stupid and blind??? These guys are a disgrace to body shops, everyone laughs at me, and he refused to repaint the car. They have no respect for others, nor do they have respect for their clients, they act like they do **** the right way but yet they are con artists who dont know what the heck they are doing. Dont waste your time and your money...avoid the stress... Its no wonder Mike has had multiple heart surgeries....Cause hes got some serious karma smacking him around.


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