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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
Steven L..
5 out of 5
After several shops quoted us between $12,000 - $15,000 for a paint job, we took my wife's classic 1971 El Camino to Monteil's Customs for an estimate. Fernando, the owner of the shop, ended up quoting us less than a third of what the other shops wanted and he even cut the rust out of the rear quarters and front fenders as part of the paint job. Overall they did a fantastic job for way cheaper than any other shop out there. Fernando even picked up and dropped off my wife's car on a trailer at no extra charge.
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Vehicle Make : Lexus
7290tony ...
5 out of 5
I brought my Lexus 600LH Hybrid to Fernando and couldn't have been happier, He matched the paint perfectly and you couldn't tell the car had any body work to it at all, He has also completely painted my 1954 Chevy Pickup show truck, which wins just about every show I enter it!
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Vehicle Make : Cadillac
Timothy S..
1 out of 5
I'm posting this on behalf of my neighbor who is a senior citizen that was taken advantage of by this slime ****. He conned her into paying her $3000 up front and did not deliver on the work he was supposed to do. The paint job is low quality, you can see texture and patches of inconsistency through out the entire car. He did not replace the bumper and scratched the new paint job with the crappy looking grill he installed. It's appalling that after 8 weeks of keeping her car, that this is the best he could do. The only thing he was good at was making excuses and is about to get sued. Steer Clear!!
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Vehicle Make : Ford
Kyle D..
1 out of 5
DO NOT use this guy!! He did my 67 Mustang and here are a few things I am unhappy about and there are more but the list is too long. I can provide proof to anyone that wants to see including texts he had sent with empty promises. He kept my car for 8 months. quoted me to straighten the entire body, get all joints looking aligned, new weather stripping and repaint with 2 stripes. Well he did straighten the body but as I look more at it I see a lot of bondo. He painted it with **** stripe like it had when I brought it in which looked horrid. He said he did it because I told him I wanted it original. That was what he used as an excuse even though he wrote 2 stripes on his estimate. I had told him I wanted stock Shelby stripes. He repainted the stripes but charged me 300 for material. He also complained my body was more wavy then he had thought. HE ESTIMATED IT!! He didn't do the weather stripping at all even though I paid for it. He didn't align the joints and he screwed my wiring all up. He cut the wires to remove lights and then used speaker wire and electrical tape to reconnect. In some cases there was no tape at all and I had grounding issues. I had installed a new gas tank and sending unit the week I brought it to him and when I picked up the car 8 months later the tank was crushed in the bottom and the sender didn't work as if someone jacked it up by the tank. He charged me to replace my floor pan and fix my dash. Well he must of thrown out the new floor pan I brought to him because he just filled the rust areas with resin and painted over it so I couldn't tell. He also did not repair my dash and told me he would send me resin to fix it myself. He also lost some of my parts and promised to send new ones including a tank which I have yet to see. I paid and picked it up only because I was moving out of state and could not leave it there. I would sue him and have proof to back everything up but it's not worth it being I live out of state. When I was in his shop a customer came in with the police to pick up his parts because Fernando would not return them without payment to the guy. The guy turned to me and warned me not to use him and I should of listened.


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