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Vehicle Make : Mazda
Sharon A..
1 out of 5
Do not take your vehicle to this shop. He was supposed to install the a/c (we bought the parts at napa)in our Mazda. We spent a year with the mazda mostly in the shop as he could not get it done. It lost all the coolant every time. We finally took it back and put in stop leak and the problem was resolved. He kept replacing parts without permission and charging. Before the end of this, we bought a used motorhome. We just wanted to have it checked out and to have a tune up since we did not know when that had happened. He didn't know anything about this engine (chevy workhorse) so he installed the wrong kind of spark plugs (we find our more than a year later when we had to pay for another tune up). He did not attach wires to the plugs, which should have been done. We are fortunate that the engine did not overheat from this. He might be fine for body work, but I would not trust him even for this He definitely does not know about engines.


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