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Yesterday I was driving from Stony Brook University, located on Long Island, to Nash Park NJ to meet up with a friend. Unfortunately I experienced a 3hour delay on the George Washington Bridge. When I got to the large parking lot at Nash Park, I could no longer hold the urge to use the bathroom. I ran to the closest building which was Nash Park Auto Body. There were two gentlemen standing in front of the shop. I asked the gentlemen whether they had a bathroom facility I could use. One of the gentlemen replied, "What for?". I replied, "To use". He replied, "Where are you from?". I was about to reply however he cut me off by saying, "This is an auto body shop!". I replied, "I know Sir, I just wanted to use the bathroom", he quickly cut me off again and said, "Go over there across the park!". I was absolutely mind blown and wanted to reply however I didn't want to enrage the hostile employee. I have never been so ignorantly judged in my entire life and even now, a day after, I am still mind blown. Later after finding out that the shop closes at 5pm (I was there at 6:15pm) and judging by the manner in which that employee spoke to me while the other sat still, I believe that employee was the owner of the shop. Unbelievable. Thank goodness for the internet otherwise this vicious behavior wouldn't be accounted for. Hopefully they do not delete this comment (I noticed they deleted the other bad comments).


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