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Vehicle Make : Nissan
Allison W..
1 out of 5
This is absolutely the most ridiculous and deceitful towing company... As we all know, working at a towing company has to make a bit hard to sleep at night, knowing what you have to do to people. However, there are those few times where you can rest easy knowing you helped someone out while they are going through easily the most difficult time of their life. Having to go take care of this kind of stuff only days after your father passes tragically and be denied access to his belongings due to "procedures". You'd have to be just naturally heartless and enjoy being a ****!!! Anyways, I hope this might help you to realize that sometimes it's good to be a good person and do whatever you can to help when the help is needed. Also, I hope you never have to go through what you put him through.
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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Corinne T..
1 out of 5
These people running this are scum of the earth. My uncle passed in an accident on his motorcycle. They will not allow his son to get his personal belongings. His riding jacket with emense sentimental value; not even his walet with import any insurance information needed for his burial. Everybody know towing companies are brutal and have little sympathy, that's how they make their money. But this is a whole new low, how heartless can a person be to not allow a grieving son his fathers personal belongings. I hope when you choose a tow, you send your business anywhere but here


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