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Vehicle Make : Dodge
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1 out of 5
Details10/12/2016 This was the WORST experience ever! I would never recommend anyone to use their services. I brought my car in for body work from an accident i was involved in and had an insurance claim for. when I picked up the car the hood as well as the trunk where not aligned at all causing the trunk to leak. also the paint was never done, there were small dents everywhere that were not repaired, the splash guard was never replaced (the original one was torn off in the accident) and when they replaced the trunk they never put back the trunk light in it. Needless to say we took the car back and had them redo the work. after picking it up, now for the 2nd time, everything still looked the same, the only thing that was different was the splash guard was finally put back on. so we told him that the car was still not aligned properly and the paint, dents, and trunk light were still unfixed. also, we had realized they broke off the dipstick in our vehicle. when bringing this to his attention, he offered to pay us off becuase he swore the parts were dodge parts and they just couldn't figure out why it wouldn't align properly. we decided against being paid off and told him he needed to fix the car right. so we brought the car in for a THIRD time and again the paint and alignment was off. but they had finally put the trunk light back in. unable to leave the car again, we took it home. after 3 weeks of having the car back from their shop, it wouldn't start and the locks and electric components started to malfunction. after taking it to a Professional, we were told that the alternator and starter were what was causing this problem and it was due to the trunk light never turning off! thus, the person who put this light in did not do it correctly and the light was on (even when the trunk was closed) since we had picked up the car. finally I called state farm & told them about everything & how we never wanted them to touch our car again. point, don't EVER bring ur car 2 this shady "busine


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