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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Mike M..
1 out of 5
I brought my Toyota pickup to this Maaco on 49th for body work, to replace a rear bumper, and to repaint the entire vehicle; I was quoted that the entire job would take 3-4 days. The vehicle was released to me and had to be returned to this shop multiple times over a THREE WEEK period! I was forced to drive back and forth because of repeated damage and incomplete/incompetent service done by these jokers. I created and presented several punch-lists to the manager Hank Hamend and I attempted on multiple visits to give them a chance to repair the damage and to finish the work, however each time I released the vehicle to Mr. Hamend (five times in all)...each and every time there was NEW damage to the vehicle! REALLY?? What was more frustrating and insulting were the comments that Mr. Hamend made after several return trips...this lying dog tried to say that it was there beforehand! I asked him, if that were true (and it is not)...WHY didn't you fix it? I paid/contracted you to fix ALL of the dents and repair ALL bodywork issues anyway! The overall quality of the entire paint job was poor as you can see where every minor dent was repaired and not sanded properly; Maaco supposedly guarantees against this! I have before/after photos and witnesses that will corroborate that Maaco created NEW damage; how is this even possible?? I've dated, documented and photographed all of the damage each time my vehicle was returned to me and Mr. Hamend acknowledged every mistake and assured me that all of the damage created by Maaco was guaranteed and that everything would be repaired on the punch lists I gave him; he also said that I had a Maaco (5) year warranty on paint and workmanship. I was very ignorant and signed off on work that I should have inspected more closely; in short, I trusted this chop shop to complete the work. Upon our last meeting on 6/19 after having the vehicle for 11 hours...Mr. Hamend returned my truck to me with nothing fixed on the punch-list except for the rear flares that were missing all week - but they were painted the WRONG COLOR a second time! Only this time it was noticeably darker and when I inquired about it...he smiled and laughingly, said that it was fresh paint and that it would lighten. I told him that I didn't believe that to be true and that I would be contacting him once again; he laughed and said I'm looking forward to it and drove off before I could say another word! After MANY attempts, I am through negotiating with Maaco's incompetence and lack of customer service. After damaging a brand new $513.00 rear bumper, breaking four $63.00 step pads, painting the flares the WRONG color (Est. $150.00) and losing parts everywhere!!! I tried to contact the owner (Mr. Carlos Perez)...he never responded and doesnt give a ****! I HIGHLY recommend you go somewhere else and stay away from this place - GO here if you want to see pictures and a list of the kind of work these morons are capable of! You wont believe it!


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