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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
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1 out of 5
WARNING: DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING TREATED WITH DISRESPECT AND DISCRIMINATION! If I could give a negative rating, I would. Jerry, the manager, was extremely rude and difficult to work with. I calmly explained to him why I was upset about the hail damage done to my car while in his care and was asking if they had any sort of way to cover it. I get that it's hail damage and I am handing it through my insurance and am no longer as upset about that. He immediately got defensive and raised his voice with me, which caused me to get a little defensive as well and I told him that I would be picking up my car the next day and never returning to this business because of their carelessness and poor customer service. He then decided I was an "angry customer"(which I'm sure he gets a lot of due to his rudeness) and said he would only accept cash payment from me, even though when I dropped the car off, I was given the option to pay cash, debit/credit card, or check. He claims he doesn't "trust" me to give him a proper payment. This is complete discrimination and I am assuming it must be because I am a minority and a woman because I never gave any indication that I wouldn't pay my bill. I am extremely offended by this man's words and his continued verbal abuse over the phone. I have excellent credit and always pay for my bills, no matter if I agree with the charge. Because I paid in cash, my safety was put at risk while commuting home from downtown Denver with almost $1000 cash on my person as a small female. This was extremely unnecessary danger that I was put in for no reason because they even advertise on their website that they accept credit/debit cards. When I showed up to pick up my car, he was too much of a coward to even come talk to me himself. This is EXTREMELY unprofessional! The fact that he has requested cash only payment from several customers sounds very snakey to me and makes me feel like I was overcharged and he is pocketing the difference.


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