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Vehicle Make : Jaguar
Charlotte M..
1 out of 5
My experience with Pinky's Auto Body & Paint located in El Monte, CA has not been a good one and I will never do business there again. The owner did some body work and painting on my car. The bonding material he used apparently was sub-par as the owner suggested since it began to separate from the car within 6 months. What was enticing was that he offered a life time warranty on his work. After several back and forth calls to get the car repaired, He began to infer that problem might not be his; he didn't have time because he had other customers; or he would call us back (never did)... we were put off for what seemed like a year now. Although he refuted it on the telephone, our contract clearly states in writing "Lifetime guaranty" for the life of the car and current ownership. I personally requested it in writing at the start of our business endeavor. He refuted this because he said he would never write that down on paper and that all I had was his verbal agreement to the guaranty (which I take to mean nothing). It has been suggested that we file a petition against his business in small claims court. I thought about doing this on principle alone but my time is too valuable and I would not feel comfortable leaving the car in his possession at this point. The customer service and the friendliness at the beginning was awesome and we were impressed with the owner "Pinky". That turned sour when we requested that the car be re-worked (at his cost). Things quickly changed. Needless to say, I will not be doing business with this company ever again. Please be sure to do your research before doing business with the "Mom and Pop" type establishments and get everything in writing; do not rely on verbal promises. I still have the written contract but I find it worthless and I would not feel comfortable leaving my car in his possession. I will have the car re-worked by a reputable company this time.
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