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I really wanted to have a great experience with Maaco, unfortunately the staff at the stanton location did everything in their power to make sure none of this was going to happen. I brought my classic truck (1966 chevrolet) here to get painted, after seeing a few options i agreed to have the most expensive one offered $1800. the owner told me all of the body work would be handled and my truck would be ready in 2 weeks time. i explained that i had just replaced all of the wood in the bed and had taken weeks to stain and seal the wood with marine grade varnish and didn't want to have to do this again. i also told him i just installed new engine components and didn't want them to get ruined. he assured me there would be no problem and my truck would be well looked out for. ****.5 weeks go by and im told i need to come in discuss a few issues. when i arrive martin tells me that they have discovered additional body work and i now need to pay $400. i was blind sided, they initially told me all of the body work would be done at this price and now they are trying to squeeze me for more money. explained that i didn't have any more money he said they could remove the painting of the door jambs and use that money to cover some of the paint work. i agreed and once again repeated that i did not want any damage to the parts of my vehicle that i had just replaced. at this time i did notice that the exhaust had been painted. i brought this to martins attention and told him i wanted this fixed when i came back. an additional 2.5 weeks later i get a phone call that my truck is ready. shorty after arriving i noticed the exhaust is still covered in paint, i talk to the manager and i tell him that i have found paint on my exhaust and my seat so he attempts to clean it off and returns. i mentioned that under the hood looks really dirty, he explains that they are no longer able to use a hose so they cannot wash it but when i get home it should wash right off. im not happy but i just wanted to leave so i take the truck home. when i got home i started to really look at the truck and i slowly become more and more upset. i look under the hood and realize that its not just dirty but covered in primer. and to add insult to injury they tried to clean it with solvents so now the lettering has faded into the color. then i look and my seat still has paint on it. my brand new wood bed has been scratched and painted in spots. the body work is awful dents on every panel. my custom specialty made shifter no longer operates properly and is now dangerous (it now pops in and out of gear with no lock resistance.) the final straw was the tailgate, there was already paint chipping off and places where they just painted over old paint chips. i called and told them i was coming back. i attempted to talk with rudy but before i could communicate any issue he interrupted every single sentence i said. he stated that maaco isn't responsible for damages and then. "what did you expect ? this is maaco" after getting frustrated with Rudy i attempted to talk to martin the manager. he told me the body work looked so bad because i had only paid for certain specific spots not the entire body to be fixed. he then said the shifter was broken before it got here and even if it was there fault they don't do any mechanical work. the paint in the seat was going to stay and so was the damage done under the hood. after arguing for quite a while he finally agreed to paint the areas that the paint had chipped away. he refused to sand them down instead they were filled in with a paint brush . and he said he would try and clean the bed. i explained that i did not want any solvents or harsh chemicals used. he then looks at me and says "i have a sailboat" armed with this new information i repeated myself. i told him i still wanted everything fixed but this was a start. after i got home i called maaco corporate to explain what had happened to me. after 20 minutes i get a call from martin accusing me of not holding up my deal "i thought you were a big boy?" and then finally threatening the well being of my truck. i went back and picked up my truck and was told they cleaned the bed, i could immediately feel where they had used solvents and removed the varnish down to bare wood, and there is still paint and scratches everywhere. then as i was driving away rudy runs out and hands me a peice of paper claiming they are not liable for anything. I am now stuck with the damages done to my vehicle and have begun looking at ways to remedy my situation. it wasnt just haw bad the work was done, it was also the lack of care. at one point i told the owner, a great deal of this coud have been handled before i got here and a lot of this could have been avoided. and he agreed.


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