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Oklahoma - Before You Head Out

Oklahoma Road ConstructionIf you've been driving through Oklahoma for either business or pleasure for any period of time, you know that traffic congestion and road construction can really ruin your day. A potentially relaxing day trip can turn into a stressful experience rather quickly if you end up in the wrong place at an inopportune time. With too many cars on the road, these factors can work together to slow you down substantially. But, did you know that they can also amplify the chances of you getting in a car accident?

In areas close to your home, you probably already know where the traffic jams are likely to occur. That goes the same with road construction in areas where you drive often. But if you're traveling in a part of Oklahoma that you are not familiar with, how can you anticipate traffic, road construction or other conditions that can potentially slow you down?

Fortunately, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) has several links online to assist you as you plot a safer and more enjoyable drive through the state. In fact, there are three different web sites that all of us at Collision Works would like to suggest for you.

Check these out before departing for your trip in order to hopefully avoid delays along the way:


Oklahoma Traffic Map

Oklahoma Road Construction Map

Oklahoma Road Condition Map (shows road closures, etc)

Refer to these three resources and arrive at your destination on time and in one piece. By knowing what's ahead of you and making the proper adjustments, you'll be able to make your journey in Oklahoma a complete success! From all of us at Collision Works Oklahoma.


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