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Vehicle Make : Hyundai
Jenni E..
1 out of 5
Decent bodywork but ABSURD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Held my car for hostage and left me stranded in their business because their credit card machine didnt work... then lied about it! I had my enterprise rental company drop me off, with all my stuff sitting outside by my car, and just wanted to pay and go to work this morning. The card I gave them was a chip card and I had used it to pay my gas fill up and the rental car, but when she swiped it it was "declined" which i heard said at another point "couldnt go through". She said they had been having troubles with their old machine and chip cards. To make a long story short I gave her 3 diff cards and all of them the same thing. I asked her to type in the number and she wouldn’t then I said you can call them because I have the app open right here saying the money is available and she wouldn’t do that either. They also wouldn’t take a check because I quote “somebody had to ruin it for everybody else” so I tried to explain that I was stranded and needed to go to work so she said my only option was to go find an ATM and bring back cash… I’m sorry but this is 2015 and even if I had the cash, they need to figure something else out about the credit card.. but I didn’t have that much cash! Ive worked plenty of places where you can bust out the even OLDER machine and swipe a carbon copy for later. But surprise surprise they weren’t going to do that either. After sitting there 45 min crying, I got ahold of my husband who came up there and guess what… his cards got declined too!!! The lady who was helping me magically disappeared after that, but the guy who was there with her tries to lie to my husband and say its our cards because they never had chip issues AND that he wasn’t around when she was trying my card! So my husband raised his voice and said it was “bull*!*&” and we aren’t going to sit here and be treated like criminals; they said he would have to leave, but we refused because that would continue to leave the situation stuck where its been! Finally he agreed to write down the credit card number and let us go after an hour.. OH MY GOSH!!! I suggested that in the beginning! I cannot believe, especially after going there for MANY years, that they could do that to somebody! I missed hours of work and money and was truly treated terrible! I will NEVER go somewhere that would do that to me… and of course the only response I get about that is “every other body shop will do the same thing”. HAH I don’t think so, I’ll take my business elsewhere!


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