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Origin Of The Jeep

Origin Of The Jeep

Wen we see a Jeep on the road today, it immediately makes us think of fun, outdoor activities. It's been the go-to vehicle for 4X4 enthusiasts, hikers, and fishermen. Te trademarked "go anywhere, do anything" motto speaks to a way of life. Jeep owners are certainly passionate about their vehicles, and with good reason. Jeep also has a rich history, and in its over 75 years of production it's built upon that to improve on its fantastic design.

Jeep was born of necessity in the heat of World War II, filling the need for a light recon vehicle that could move across almost any terrain. Contracts for designs were awarded to two companies: Ford and Willys-Overland. More than 600,000 were produced by the two companies during the war. It's doubtless that they saved countless lives, as their maneuverability and speed gave our forces a tactical advantage in troop movement. 

Willys continued to produce the Jeep post-war, and by modifying the design for civilian use it began its tradition as the recreational vehicle we know today. Willys kept many of the Ford innovations in their models, such as the latches and headlight design. With the end of the war, the US Armed Forces couldn't remove all of the unused vehicles across the front lines. This proved fortunate for Willys, as they essentially seeded the planet with free samples of their product. Demand rose and the love of the Jeep began.

Although ownership of the brand has changed many times over the years, they have maintained the same spirit of freedom and adventure that began in battle. It eventually changed hands to American Motors and later to Chrysler. Jeep continues to reside there, continuing to cultivate a small but passionate fan base. Its design remains extremely similar to its original. It's hard to improve on something so perfect.

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Written By: Todd Hendrickson

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