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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
1 out of 5
DO NOT LET PRO-CARE TOUCH YOUR VEHICLE. The absolute worst experience I've encountered with a body shop. They seem to have zero interest in quality workmanship. It's evident they only consider the insurance companies they've partnered up with whom funnel them work as their customer, don't think for a second they have your best interest in mind. No communication or progress updates. They did not follow up with me on changes made to the damage estimate, they just went ahead and stated the repairs. When questioned as to why all the damage caused by the accident were not being completed, (Randal) blamed the poor communication on the insurance company. While I was trying to coordinate the additional repair work with the insurance company, Pro-care requested I view the work they were authorized to complete. When I viewed the vehicle I was completely taken back at how poor a job they had done. There was over spray literally everywhere it could possibly be. There were missing parts inside, mechanical parts of the vehicle were still inoperable and they tried to reuse damaged parts that now didn't fit correctly because they damaged them prior. Another meeting was set up with the body shop and the insurance adjuster the next week. This new meeting was even worse. Pro-care managed to cause additional damage to our vehicle while they were trying to repair it. Pro-care did not accept fault for the damage they caused to our vehicle, they immediately tried to say the damage was made prior to intake(luckily, I had vehicle photos taken literally 5 days before the accident to disprove their claim ). I made it clear there were no prior damage at the initial intake of the vehicle. After going round and round at this meeting Randal from pro-care said they would look at what they could do with the new damages and rental car fees. They never paid for the rental car bills or extra damage they caused. All the while they had surpassed the date to have the vehicle repaired and our rental coverage days lapsed causing us to pay out of pocket for a rental. I randomly stopped by pro-care the next week to check on the progress and what do I find but even more damage caused by pro-care. Now there's a puncture in the front passenger air bag cover, the carpet had been damaged and stained by coffee, headlights were scratched. 105 days passed and the body work was not fixed correctly, doors out of line, the air bag was on indefinite back order from the dealer and they would not order from a third party site, third row floor mat missing, rear wheel was making a hideous noise. We picked up the vehicle unfinished and took it elsewhere.


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